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Comment: Re:The first crappy language I encountered! (Score 1) 158

As I said, it is an excellent example of a really bad tool that just barely gets the job done. I fear that many people are not capable of the personality development you describe, namely looking at other tools and comparing. Otherwise there would not be so many 1-trick ponies in the form of Java or JavaScript "programmers" around.

Comment: Re:The first crappy language I encountered! (Score 1) 158

A good macro-assembler allows far, far better style and structure than classical BASIC. As to Python, it can be used as a teaching language, but the instructor must really know what he/she is doing. If so, you can teach imperative, functional (with limits) and OO programming with Python, and you can make sure that people understand that static typing is only a crutch and must not be relied on. And then you can branch out into writing modules in C and reinforce how OO actually works as Python uses OO C code for extensions (yes, that is plain C OO code). Of course, at this point most instructors will long since have reached their limits. With an incompetent instructor, any language will be bad for those learning.

As to "unsuitable roles", you should worry more about Java, JavaScript and the like. They are now putting JavaScript on the server, pure madness, because that have no programmers, only people that know JavaScript. (A real programmer is not tied to a language and only loosely to a paradigm. There are far too many 1-trick ponies that call themselves "programmers".)

Comment: Re:Another market overlooked (Score 1) 153

by fnj (#49610041) Attached to: Tesla's Household Battery: Costs, Prices, and Tradeoffs

The outages that only last a couple of hours are nothing more than a nuisance. When it starts reaching a day or more, it becomes a goddam nightmare. Without the well pump, you have no running water. Without water, you cannot flush the toilet. The refrigerator contents start to spoil. In the winter you have no heat. Residual water in the pipes can burst.

I would be perfectly happy with just the essentials. Well pump, furnace, and refrigerator. A 2 kW source with enough surge for motor starts would be enough. Not sure if 7-10 kWh would be enough to cover 2-3 days. You can manage the well pump by planning your use for brief periods of running; it has a very low duty cycle most of the time anyway, even in normal use. You can manage the furnace to an extent by building up a lot of heat and then letting it coast down for hours. The one you can't really manage is the refrigerator. But overall, this looks promising. It would be a lot more practical than a generator where you have no natural gas hookup.

Right up until I learned it does not include an inverter. WTF? My eyes rolled up in my head and I groaned. Shit. How stupid can you get with your marketing? OK, you also need changeover provisions. So maybe this is the province of a specialized reseller. Until I hear from one of those and hear the bad news on the bottom line, I am utterly unimpressed.

Comment: Re:Price won't come down (Score 1) 153

by fnj (#49609951) Attached to: Tesla's Household Battery: Costs, Prices, and Tradeoffs

Likewise, lithium from seawater is not economical

Says who? About one screen above your message we are informed that getting enough lithium for a Tesla Model S from seawater would cost $500, compared to $150 when mined. Altering the Tesla price from $79,900 to $80,250 sure as hell wouldn't make the latter any more uneconomical than the former.

A cellphone battery is very roughly 1/10,000 of the pack in a Tesla. Adding 35 cents to the cost of a $300-$800 cellphone certainly wouldn't make it uneconomical.

Only a tiny part of the expense of a lithium ion battery is the cost of the lithium.

Comment: Re:Attacking me now are you? (Score 0) 276

by dbIII (#49609717) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

It's quite simple. "Deliberate pissing on beliefs" is generally good when the beliefs are crap

You should note that the belief you say is crap is the belief of not worshipping idols - one which you probably share. In my mind the crap is the extremes it gets taken to and how they react about it (eg. murder).
Good job in blowing a molehill of a post that was really about deliberately poking the bear into a mountain over other stuff because apparently it wasn't interesting enough. The personal attack with "You need to get your... *something* re-calibrated" is a nice touch.

Comment: Attacking me now are you? (Score 0) 276

by dbIII (#49609557) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas
Oh so I've got to "correct my worldview" with some random goatse link or something instead of expressing freedom of speech - funny how libertarians do that when someone wants to say something other than propaganda they want to spread.

This thing in Texas was a deliberate case of shouting fire in a crowded theatre - you can do it but consequences should be expected.

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