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Comment: Re:What about the Japanese casualties? (Score 3, Informative) 211

by JoelWink (#45390853) Attached to: World War II's Last Surviving Doolittle Raiders Make Their Final Toast
The Nanking Massacre (AKA "Rape of Nanking") is just one example of the atrocities committed by Japan. From the late 19th century through WWII the Japanese goverment was extremely militaristic and hell bent on expanding their empire by any means necessary.

Comment: Re:Lesson (not) learnt by music and games industry (Score 1) 304

by JoelWink (#34829318) Attached to: Book Piracy — Less DRM, More Data
I sometimes wonder how much market research the music and book publishers have (not) put into their pricing models. If they sell 1,000 copies at $10/each or 3,000 copies at $4/each, then tell me, at which price point do both the publisher AND consumer benefit? BTW, I think we're seeing this with iOS and Android apps. There are a lot of promising apps out there for two or three dollars that I am very willing to take a risk on. A lot of app developers are obviously going for volume sales.

Comment: Re:Nook Color (Score 1) 396

by JoelWink (#34809400) Attached to: When Should I Buy an Android Tablet?
Mine has been rooted now for about two weeks. It is an extremely low-risk process, does not remove any of the Nook functionality, and is completely reversible. I have been extremely pleased with the performance. I think the only reason you wouldn't choose the Nook Color would be if you wanted something larger.

Comment: Re:It was a dumb idea (Score 1) 184

by JoelWink (#34749084) Attached to: Why Digital Newsstands Stink
I just got the Nook Color. I love it. It's a great platform, especially when it is rooted/liberated/emancipated. However, I experienced frustration shopping for graphic novels last night on through it's native shopping applet. I assumed there would be some Will Eisner, etc. "Color Nook Edition" versions of his books. I really couldn't find anything. That's a disappointment. I'm not sure why they haven't leveraged that functionality. Maybe the screen is too small? I'll have to test it out with some Android CBR apps when I have a chance.

ITC Investigates Xbox 360 After Motorola Complaint 71

Posted by Soulskill
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FlorianMueller writes "The US International Trade Commission, which is increasingly popular as a patent enforcement agency, voted to investigate a complaint filed by Motorola against Microsoft last month. Motorola claims that the Xbox infringes five of its patents. In October, Microsoft complained against Motorola, alleging patent infringement by its Android-based smartphones. Apple, Nokia and HTC are also involved with ITC investigations as complainants and respondents. A new one-page overview document shows the ongoing ITC investigations related to smartphones and the products that the complainants would like to have banned from entry into the US market. The good news is that any import bans won't be ordered until long after Christmas. The ITC is faster than courts, but not that fast."

Debt Collectors Using Facebook To Embarrass Those Who Owe 266 Screenshot-sm

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Not even the tranquility of FarmVille can save you from the long arm of debt collectors. Melanie Beacham says that a collector from MarkOne Financial contacted her relatives about her past due car note via Facebook. She is filing suit alleging that the company is harassing her family. Tampa based consumer attorney Billy Howard of Morgan & Morgan says, "Now Facebook does a debt collectors work for them. Now it's not only family members, it's all of your associates. It's a very powerful tool for debt collectors to use."

Comment: Daylight Savings Change (Score 5, Interesting) 335

by JoelWink (#34199926) Attached to: Mystery 'Missile' Identified As US Airways Flight 808
I think one aspect of this story that hasn't been mentioned is the fact that daylight savings time kicked in the previous day. So, let's say this is a regular weekday flight that arrives in Phoenix in the early evening. After the November 7th "fall back" daylight savings time change, this flight, which may have passed over L.A. in bright daylight on Friday November 5th, is now illuminated on Monday November 8th with dramatic dusk lighting, resulting in a very different looking contrail.

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