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Comment: DirecTV needs ATT (Score 1) 59

by Joe_Dragon (#49419803) Attached to: How Comcast Bankrolls Organizations That Support TWC Merger

Just think about it good TV + Good internet (just think u-verse with out useing part of it's bandwidth for TV)

Comcast cable TV sucks there internet is fast. But I have OLD ATT DSL (in a u-verse area) I don't want to give up Directv for u-verse lower bit rates and HD streams limit. I can get comcast but there have a very weak HD line up + big mess of a channel map.

Comment: Re:and some one get's hurt they point to the fine (Score 1) 45

by Joe_Dragon (#49418829) Attached to: Uber's Hiring Plans Show Outlines of Self-Driving Car Project

but the drivers own insurance said he was working for Uber at the time and we are not covering this and Uber tried to use fine print to get out it as well.

Just wait a for auto drive that has parts pushed out to many different contractors and sub-contractors that when something bad happens they all point to each other when you are sitting back with you bills racking up as the courts are fighting over who will pay up.

"There is such a fine line between genius and stupidity." - David St. Hubbins, "Spinal Tap"