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Comment civil and criminal court will also have a very dif (Score 0) 194

civil and criminal court will also have a very different view.

Now down the road can they pass the blame with stuff like.

The driver did not hit the red E-stop button.

The sensors messed up.

Bad map data.

Bad road data / live reporting.

Car to car network error

That was a MS car and they don't follow standers fully so we are not at fault for miss reading it's status.

That farmers market failed to set the road closed tag we are not at fault for damage / deaths.

that work crew should had there beacons to set that lane as not open it's not are fault that concast cable failed to give them to there subcontractors go sue them.

It's not are fault the city rules say that the power co can't use more then there own Cones and not setup with the right flags to slow down the auto cars.

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