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Comment: BYOD in the NAVY??? (Score 0, Troll) 68

Are they insane? that BYOD better not be any where near any nuke launcher systems or nuke cooling / control systems / also the same thing for any war ship control systems.

Also open internet is a risk / apples app store / phoning home that can't be turned off may not work in that setting.

Comment: Re:Save the buggy whip makers! (Score 1) 614

by Joe_Dragon (#49709001) Attached to: The Economic Consequences of Self-Driving Trucks

but that re-trainable school is now a 2-4 year one that can cost 10-40K a year and they may not may not take transfer credits and even if you go back to the same school after a few year they may make retake stuff you took in the past as well.

Some college even have forced dorms with room mates at a high cost then renting on your own + high cost meal plans.

Comment: cable big fail of cable card helped kill it. Sat? (Score 1) 198

by Joe_Dragon (#49654063) Attached to: What Might Have Happened To Windows Media Center

cable big fail of cable card helped kill it. satellite tuners as well dish and directv where working with M$ on usb tunes for windows pc and they did not come out.

Also there is satellite ci cards but dish / directv will push hard to NOT let people use them just give out a smart card to use with them.

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