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by JoeSchmoe999 (#45036517) Attached to: My favorite brand of snake oil is ...
Explain (Precisely, please) what YOU will accept as evidence of a dream remember Randi has a 2 way street here, both sides agree on the protocol and what is considered as proof.. Please provide PROOF that you have said million dollars available to give me, sorry but as you said above.. "If you can't offer any evidence, then just say so."

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by JoeSchmoe999 (#42694499) Attached to: Senators Seek H-1B Cap That Can Reach 300,000
I like that idea, hey there must be a shortage of "C" level executives since they make so much, lets H-1B a bunch of them in from 3rd world companies. We should be able to drop the median CEO salary from ~500 times the average employee to ~50 times the average employee.

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by JoeSchmoe999 (#42214969) Attached to: Apollo Veteran: Skip Asteroid, Go To the Moon
For some services, we have found pervasive documentation errors. For example, we found that 60 percent of Medicare claims for rehabilitation power wheelchairs did not meet all documentation requirements. These claims accounted for $112 million in improper Medicare payments over a 6-month period. We have also found significant rates of documentation error for certain types of pain management services. We recommended that CMS take actions to address these errors, including improving controls, educating providers, and clarifying guidance. From:

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