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Comment: Re:Google has patched only version 4.4 (Score 3, Interesting) 71

by JoeRandomHacker (#47341803) Attached to: KeyStore Vulnerability Affects 86% of Android Devices

I can understand if Google wants to force vendors to update to the most recent android. However, from a vendor perspective, what's so hard about backporting this patch to, say, android 4.3 and below? Is there a contract with Google forbidding this? Do they get money from NSA?

Backporting it probably isn't difficult, but getting all the vendors and carriers to patch, build, validate, and deploy their custom Android builds for all the various devices they have supported over the last few years is.

Comment: Re:Yet Another Sci-Fi Time Crystal (Score 1) 153

by JoeRandomHacker (#41665249) Attached to: Physicists Propose "Perpetual Motion" Time Crystals

Back to the 70's, and ancient Atlantis.

I initially misread that as "... and ancient Ataris".

Which was even scarier than the Doctor Who premise.

As long as you have a decent supply of Epyx 500XJ joysticks, I don't see anything to be afraid of. (You'll need to replace them periodically 'cause the little plastic bit inside holding the guts in place tends to break.)

Comment: Re:Can't cut anything... (Score 1) 263

And are you a slave, or did you get paid for your work? If you give me something that is worth $20 to you, in return for $20 cash, and it happens to be worth $21 to me, there is no theft.

Then likewise, if you give government $20 dollars in tax (and yes, you gave it, you implicitly agreed to do so by staying and obeying government... nobody said you can't rebel), and government gives you something in return that's worth $19 to you, it is also not theft

Nonsense. If I come to your home, explain that I will ruin your life if you don't pay me, and understanding that fact, you give me the money, then you haven't "implicitly agreed" to anything. That is called "complying under duress", and we all do it to get by. That doesn't mean what I did wasn't wrong or that it shouldn't be changed.

Comment: Re:Can't cut anything... (Score 1) 263

I don't suppose you realize that when you take something away from someone because you want to, then you become the tyrant?

Where did the rich who you work for get that money? From YOUR labor; your labor generated the wealth that they accumulate and control. If you steal twenty dollars from me, and I then pick your pocket for five, who is the thief?

And are you a slave, or did you get paid for your work? If you give me something that is worth $20 to you, in return for $20 cash, and it happens to be worth $21 to me, there is no theft.

Comment: Re:Can't cut anything... (Score 1) 263

Well when you have a massive debt, everyone has to give up something

No you don't. You can increase revenue. The 1% own something like 75% of everything, they can afford it. FUCKING DOUBLE THEIR TAXES! History has shown that high taxes on the rich do NOT harm the economy.


"The tyrant fears the laugh more than the assassin's bullet." Heinlein, Our Fair City

I don't suppose you realize that when you take something away from someone because you want to, then you become the tyrant? The ends justify the means? Is that really what you want?

Comment: Re:I don't care about either. (Score 2) 409

by JoeRandomHacker (#40805465) Attached to: Why You Should Be More Interested In Mars Than the Olympics

(Oblig. B5)

Franklin: "Well, the patient is confused, delusional. Unable to separate his natural sense of loyalty for his home team from the reality that they stink, and only got to the playoffs on a technicality."
Ramierez: "Yeah, what technicality? The Mars team hit more home runs than any other team on the books!"
Franklin: "Only because Martian gravity is 40% less than Earth normal. Alright, the ball travels faster and further skewing the results. Now once they hit Earth gravity, Helen Keller could bat better than any one of them."

Comment: Vertical Rack (Score 2) 402

by JoeRandomHacker (#39852341) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Building A Server Rack Into a New Home?

I have a 4U server that I built hanging vertically on the wall in my wiring closet at home using one of these: . My case has lots of fans, so no problem moving the air vertically through it, and I left enough space below it to afford access to the connectors. They make other sizes of vertical mounts which may be more appropriate for your switch. It isn't a full rack, but it is a lot cheaper than a full rack, more practical than a full rack, and you can always upgrade later.

Comment: Dizzy from the Spin (Score 4, Insightful) 116

by JoeRandomHacker (#38800825) Attached to: Hackers Manipulated Railway Computers, TSA Memo Says

I'm sure that it is coincidence that this sort of story gets publicity now. Nothing to do with countering the bad press the TSA has gotten today. And I'm sure there is no way this sort of thing could be prevented in the future without an all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful TSA keeping watch on everyone who decides not to stay in one place all the time. Nothing to see here. Move along. Except for you, and you over there. We'll need you to step over here for a moment...

Comment: Re:Not all schools are equal (Score 3, Insightful) 333

by JoeRandomHacker (#37809916) Attached to: A Silicon Valley School That Doesn't Use Computers

[...], but in a large percentage of cases around the country, where the teachers are in fact poor, [...]

[citation needed]

Citing personal experience, perhaps.

Few people have personal experience with "a large percentage of cases around the country", and those who do should generally have something they can cite to back up their claims.

Comment: Re:Could Someone Help Me Out With This? (Score 1) 844

by JoeRandomHacker (#36953406) Attached to: Debt Deal Reached

It is equally immoral to take the earned product of someone's labor to give it to someone else. If you don't want to be a heartless bastard, then don't be one: give whatever you want to whomever you choose. However, if you take it away from someone you think is less deserving to give it to someone you think is more deserving, then you are a thieving bastard. Using the government to do your work for you is just as bad as doing it yourself.

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