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Comment: Re:I must be in the minority. (Score 1) 457

by JoeMerchant (#46773441) Attached to: Survey: 56 Percent of US Developers Expect To Become Millionaires

They must just be asking a lot of people who are understand math and have a little discipline. A carpenter can become a millionaire by retirement, all you have to do is start saving and keep saving.

I fully intend to be a millionaire by the time I retire, and with inflation that should be enough for a tent and some camping supplies.

^^^This, exactly!

I assume the people asking / answering the question are talking about being a millionaire in today's dollars... already it is easier by a factor of 4 since I graduated high school (1984) to accumulate 7 figures in your net worth.

Comment: Re:McCarthy the Playmate? (Score 1) 586

by JoeMerchant (#46746297) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

If we all bow down and worship the medical professionals for their opinions on all things medical, we are fools.

I have heard, from a recently minted M.D., the opinion that "it doesn't matter if breast cancer screening causes breast cancer, because once we detect it, we can treat it." I, lacking a medical degree, am obviously not smart enough to fathom this reasoning, how we should go around breaking people because we think we know how to fix them later?

Comment: Re:Why do people listen to her? (Score 1) 586

by JoeMerchant (#46746257) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

The delusion here, with any public figure who reaches tens or hundreds of millions of people, is that you are dealing with "a person."

Think about "Joe the Plumber" - he was just a guy who got a microphone stuck in his face, spoke his mind, and had it spread out on a national stage. The professionals don't operate like that, they've got "hive mind" at work with people monitoring public opinion in the various "markets," script writers carefully choosing words that balance the varying perceptions of those words, and "message managers" that emphasize, and de-emphasize, the various messages to various groups. People who attempt to be public figures at a national level without that kind of support are eaten alive by the ones who do it competitively.

Bands that promote themselves through YouTube have "a chance" to gain some popularity, but I haven't seen any of these garage phenomena reach Nirvana proportions, and, in my opinion, that's a good thing. McCarthy is at Nirvana scale, and Obama makes her look like a sad side show.

Comment: Re:Why do people listen to her? (Score 1) 586

by JoeMerchant (#46746177) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

McCarthy, and her PR team, have a well reasoned, defensible position, including the last line re: measles vs. autism - even if there is no scientific proof of a measles vaccine / autism link, it is still a valid statement.

The McCarthy PR campaign also projects a strong sense of the "whatever pleases, or resonates with, the most people right now" - taking that same message and emphasizing different perceptions of it at different times.

Personally, I think the McCarthy "message" is being promoted first and foremost to benefit the McCarthy team (her, her publicist, and the whole crew that make a phenomenon like that happen....) There might have been an inkling of a heartfelt idea at the core of it, but it's been blown up way beyond that.

Comment: Re:Well, yeah (Score 4, Interesting) 134

..."avoid a shooting war", "national security or law enforcement need"....

Why does it always come down to those things?

Because that's their job?

Seriously, upgrading the server or refactoring the software? Why does IT always have such drama, can't they just scale up and down like Sales?

Comment: Re:McGuffey's 4th New Eclectic Reader:"The Colonis (Score 2) 731

by JoeMerchant (#46737201) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

No modern "career job" is useful after an Apocalypse. If you are involved in any kind of competitive (free market) industry, you are using the infrastructure to its best advantage. "Modern" farming knows little to nothing about how to farm without fuel or pesticides. Similarly, modern medicine isn't about basic hygiene or simple infection control.

If you want to be useful after an Apocalypse, take up survivalism as a hobby, learn to grow your own food, make your own tools, including weapons for hunting / defense, and do construction without power tools. But, don't think you can make a living in the real world with these skills, unless you are a promoting your hobby and selling it as a service to others - which takes: modern technology to effectively do your advertising and customer handling, competitively.

Also, the dominant early Apocalypse survivors will be all about Max Max style scavenging of whatever is leftover, you won't get down to the true basic skills until the stores are picked clean and structures have fallen to rubble - and the "natural world" may not resemble anything familiar... adaptability is key.

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