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by JoeMerchant (#47941447) Attached to: A DC-10 Passenger Plane Is Perfect At Fighting Wildfires

That's on older Boeing jets (the ones named after the noise their tires make when falling off and hitting the tarmac... )

Airbus, and I believe the new Boeings, have outward opening emergency doors - they're heavier, harder to make right, require much more maintenance (look for double, triple, and thicker skins around Airbus doors the next time you board one...) but, if you're ever seated in the exit row when it really hits the fan, you want an outward opening door.

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by JoeMerchant (#47920807) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Any Place For Liberal Arts Degrees In Tech?

The dogmatism that I have seen and heard on the job and here on Slashdot makes all of you come across as delusional and self aggrandizing.

LOL, you know, I won't dispute the point. Because I agree with it. It's been true for a very long time, and is widespread.

What I suggest is that being an asshole isn't due to a lack of critical thinking skills, it's a personality defect which can subsequently be overcome. ;-)

I would append that thought with the idea that some of the most, ahem, challenging colleagues I have encountered seem to have genuine neurological deficits in the social skills areas - they are barely aware of just how bad they are and have little to no clue how to do anything about it.

For some, electroshock therapy seems like a good first line treatment option, but, back in the real world, laughing at them is usually the most productive way through the situations they create.

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Replying from an airport as I wait for colleagues to arrive from another city....

I haven't flown for "pleasure" more than once in the last 15 years. The last pleasure trip before that was Miami to Alaska, and there aren't a lot of good options to get to Ketchikan....

Reflecting this morning, airports have actually gotten nicer in the last 20 years, security theater is more amusing than painful, when the lines aren't stupid long.

However, the sardine packing of the trip itself borders on intolerable... I used to be 6'2" - shrinking past 6'1" these days, but unfortunately getting wider in the seat as that happens, and most of the height compresses from the spine, so my legroom problems aren't improving.

I, personally, would take up air travel for fun again if the 3+3 configurations were switched to 3+2 and a decent legroom pitch were maintained, but none of that seems likely to happen, and it's a shame. If they needed to charge extra for these seats, fine, I'd probably do a 30% premium without blinking, just for the extra space - I don't need a hot towel and a microwaved meal, thanks.

I've got 4 Southwest "free drink" coupons in my wallet right now, but just don't feel like using them on flights that leave at 6am... and the afternoon and evening flights are delayed so often that I'm glad not to be on them, though I will compliment Southwest's mostly "hubless" routing system that provides direct flights between smaller airports, even if it's only once a day, it's nice to have the option.

Now, off to convince my bosses that telecommuting is really more efficient than travel.... seems pretty obvious from this chair.

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Somewhere back in the 1990s, Miami popped up as a "high crime" city - above the New York metro area, which was pretty laughable to the large number of essentially dual-residents, people who lived both places off and on through the year. The explanation was in the reporting, NYC cops weren't filing nearly as much paperwork as Miami's "professional law enforcement" were. A decision was made, Miami adopted a more NYC like crime reporting structure, and et-voila' the very next year Miami's crime stats were way down the list.

I lived in the city of Miami during those years, after the switch we had a car stolen from the street infront of the house, had to present ourselves at the police substation (5 miles away, in a bad neighborhood) to report the stolen car. What part of "they just stole our car" didn't they hear? Anyway, got there and had to wait in line 20 minutes before getting the opportunity to report the theft.

But, the associated improvement in crime stats was beneficial for tourism...


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There used to be "Business Class" which was more or less the physical space of First, but without the Champagne and Lobster.

For some reason, the three tier aircraft seem to have phased out in favor of two levels of service. In the late 1990s, I flew MIA-SFO several times, and those 767s were still equipped with 3 tier seating, but sold with 2 tier pricing, so if you booked your seats early, you could get business class seats (with economy service) for economy prices - that was quite a good deal, and a major bummer when you missed out booking your seats in time to get the good ones.

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