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Comment Re:Except he's full of shit (Score 1) 144

"In most homes the refrigerator is the second-largest user of electricity (13.7%), right after the air conditioner (14.1%)" mostly because they are old and inefficient.

Modern energy efficient refrigerators use ~425 to 600kWh / year.

You say a gaming rig draws ~350W "when fully spun up", I say my 2nd gen PS3 draws over 200W when sitting at the menu bar "doing nothing." The article is talking about gamers that never let their systems go to sleep, so let's settle on 300W draw while powered up, and figure your average gamer leaves his system on 24-7, so it doesn't have problems from thermal cycling, or whatever their excuse is - so:

300W running for 24x365 hours = 2600kWh, or about 5 "modern" refrigerators.

Comment Re:Betteridge's law of headlines says ... no (Score 1) 263

Agreed, but this is the bitter price of incremental improvement: backward compatibility.

Maybe it's time to open a new "expanded emoji" section with inflection dimensions and leave the old ones where they are for backward compatibility.

But, how many varieties of avocado will we need?

Comment Re:Mobile communications experience in the US (Score 1) 142

Means the phone can consume unlimited data, but they (try to) restrict hotspot usage to 5G.

T-Mobile also sells Nexus phones without their proprietary software on-board, I'm pretty sure my Nexus has gone over the hotspot limit without getting dinged for it - because they just don't know. On the other hand, I'm not using my hotspot for anything that's easily detectable as different like torrents or such... also, I have a limited data plan with a more limited hotspot cap, just seems that the hotspot cap is irrelevant on unlocked / clean phones.

Comment Re:From TFA: bit-exact or not? (Score 1) 172

Sorry, I was probably off on the price point - technology has moved on. Still, it wasn't a widely advertised fact that almost all "gaming" LCD monitors sold before IPS were 6 bit, or 6 bit with "dithering" which is not really much better.

Comment Re:From TFA: bit-exact or not? (Score 1) 172

Depends on your monitor, of course, but a whole (recent) generation of "LCD gaming screens" only showed 6 bits of color depth:

Also, even when you show people the bottom 2 bits, they usually don't perceive them:

Comment Re:"Smokers" (Score 2) 106

Nature of bird injury mostly depends on how the bird is exposed - full on strike, or did he just get "winged?"

Maybe with large migratory populations, the carnage will continue for a long time. The elevated track people mover in Miami didn't run for a year or so after the tracks were built - pigeons thought the tracks were just the greatest place ever made to hang out, nest, etc. The first months of operation (of the very quiet electric cars) were a nasty pigeon bloodbath, feathers and guts everywhere. After a few months, the remaining pigeons caught on, there's hardly ever one run over anymore. I don't think any special mitigations (tiny cow-catchers, warning lights, sounds) were put in place, just Darwin in action.

Comment Re:The corps are in danger as well here (Score 1) 319

Part of your freedom equation is: "have some land" - if you have anything, land, a home, in some states even a car, you are taxed on that possession. The only way to pay taxes is with money, you can't give the tax man a bushel of corn you grew or a nifty widget your robot made, you've got to give him money. Can't pay the tax, you lose the possession, or go to jail, or both (and in some states, neither - they don't take your primary residence, they just pile you deeper in debt so that if you ever do get any money, you've got to hand it over immediately.)

Comment Re:America is an Oligarchy, and Not a Democracy (Score 1) 211

>if Americans stopped listening to shallow arguments given in 30 second TV commercials, if they started to demand rational argument instead of the shallow blather that has so far persuaded them, then they could...

doesn't matter, won't happen.

Over the shoulder supervision is more a need of the manager than the programming task.