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Comment why hack it? (Score 1) 76

Isn't wall street doing enough to destroy our economy for their short term benefit? If I was a hacker, I'd pick a more interesting target than one which collapses on its own greed twice in a decade.

Comment IP (Score 1) 349

People should be more patient before blasting a company that has made many technological advances for our betterment. Qualcomm may (or may not) have very good reason to make this initial request, but I think they need to narrow their request to specific code that infringes on their IP... Not entire code bases. Let's see how this pans out... Before rushing to judgment.

Comment only an excerpt (Score 2, Interesting) 495

If a judge granted permission, I have feeling that a domain name service provider may have been guilty of alerting their customers to legal intentions. Which gives credence to locking it down before a new sub-domain is created to deliver the same traffic. While I don't side based on a brief, I don't make adverse statements. I can only surmise.

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