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+ - RSS satellite data; No global warming for 17 years

Submitted by knorthern knight
knorthern knight (513660) writes "James Hansen, in a 1988 speech speech to the US Congress, claimed that 10 years of rising temperatures proved that the earth was warming. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2008/jun/23/climatechange.carbonemissions2 But in 2008, a 10 year pause was not considered sufficient to show that it had stopped. In a 2011 news release https://www.llnl.gov/news/newsreleases/2011/Nov/NR-11-11-03.html Ben Santer said a minimum 17 year pause was required before claiming that it was more than statistical noise. The November 4 update of RSS (Remote Sensing Systems) monthly temperature anomalies to the end of October ftp://ftp.ssmi.com/msu/monthly_time_series/rss_monthly_msu_amsu_channel_tlt_anomalies_land_and_ocean_v03_3.txt shows that over a 204 month period (Nov 1996 to Oct 2013) there has been no warming. Indeed, the slope is very slightly negative for that period. A more detailed story at skeptical site http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/11/04/rss-reaches-santers-17-years/"

+ - Silencing Dissent: Twitter keeps suspending account critical of Obamacare->

Submitted by cold fjord
cold fjord (826450) writes "The new insurance mandates in the Affordable Care Act are resulting in the cancellation of millions of insurance policies due to changes in the law and regulations, forcing people to get new policies, often at a higher price. That obviously has the potential to ruffle some feathers. And how do people protest these days? Twitter is one popular forum. Unfortunately it appears there is a problem with that. The Daily Caller reports that, "Twitter has repeatedly suspended an account critical of the Affordable Care Act. The account, @mycancellation, was just getting started when Twitter suspended it—twice—before reinstating the account late Saturday night. The purpose of @mycancellation or mycancellation.com was to allow some of the millions of Americans who are losing their health insurance to post pictures of themselves with their cancellation letters. ... Late Saturday night Heather Higgins, CEO and president of the Independent Women’s Voice, announced on Facebook that the account was suspended again. ... Kohn managed to get the account reinstated. “Tonight shortly before 11:30pm ET the handle was canceled again,” Coley told TheDC. “We are looking into the issue now to see whether Twitter can give us a reason.”" — This is reminiscent of a previous protest. — More at Hot Air."
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+ - 10-Year-Old Boy Discovers 600-Million-Year-Old Supernova->

Submitted by minty3
minty3 (2942557) writes "Nathan Gray, 10, from Nova Scotia, Canada, recently discovered a 600-million-year-old supernova in the galaxy PGC 61330, which lies in the constellation of Draco – beating his sister by 33 days as the youngest person to find a supernova.

Gray made the discovery on October 30 while looking at astronomical images taken by Dave Lane, who runs the Abbey Ridge Observatory (ARO) in Nova Scotia. The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada confirmed Gray’s discovery, but astronomers with the International Astronomical Union say they will need to use a larger telescope to make the finding official."

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