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Comment Re:They have it backwards... (Score 1) 616

And as you get better at programming your math skills will improve.

I wasn’t a great math person either but I love programming, a lot of my math skills were developed trying to solve problems. Base conversion binary, etc. are key parts of programming as you get more involved in programming you learn these skills come in handy to create better programs,m adn as you create better programs you see new ways math could help improve what you create and now have the idea on how to apply it so learning it makes a whole lot more sense.

I feel for some learning to program will encourage them also become better at learning math.

Comment He needs someone with "people skills!" (Score 1) 87

Seriously he needs a systems annalist - someone who has a better understanding of the technology and that can take time to understand the needs of the accountant and be able to offer suggestions on how to implement on the web, knowing what limitations as well as opportunities that can be had. Many developers aren’t the best designers, unless you give someone significant insight and time to see how the big picture works you are going to get only exactly what you ask for (or at least the developer's interpretation of what you asked for.)

Comment Re:No, it's not enough (Score 2) 355

> but on how a company hurt your feelings a long time ago

I think it was a lot more than feelings, you work months to years building technologies and then Microsoft just decides to drop platform X or technology Y and there you are with all this work that was good and successful, but with Microsoft's whim, now obsolete.

After more than one such manuver, many have left for open source, where there is no single source of feature control or long-term licensing/activation/compatibility woes (not to mention fluctuating costs). Many have learned we cant depend on long term/cross platform stability with Microsoft, they are going to have to tread the long walk before they can regain respect.


Ask Toolbar Now Considered Malware By Microsoft 212

AmiMoJo writes: Last month Microsoft changed its policy on protecting search settings to include any software that attempts to hijack searches as malware. As a result, this month the Ask Toolbar, which most people will probably recognize as being unwanted crapware bundled with Java, was marked as malware and will now be removed by Microsoft's security software built in to Windows 7 and above.

Comment So we have a lack of people with wha skills? (Score 4, Insightful) 614

So, we all have heard we have a lack of workers with necessary skills...

Given that US citizens are now training these H1B workers with their job skills, what sort of skills were they lacking in order to justify the "need" for the imported skilled workers?

Comment Re:Banksters (Score 0) 743

Check out - 97% Owned - Economic Truth documentary

The problem is all in the banks, I just watched this British documentary that went over the different types of money real vs, bank generated (while centered in britan, it sums out the global problem). Bank generated money far outpaced real money. Its a couple hours, fortunately it isn't some alarmists screaming into the camera. The tough bit is to get all of of it sorted out before it really come crumbling down.


Cute Or Creepy? Google's Plan For a Sci-Fi Teddy Bear 102 writes: Time Magazine reports that Google has designed and patented an "anthropomorphic device" that could take the form of a "doll or toy" and interact both with people as well as tech gadgets echoing the "super toy" teddy bear featured in Stephen Spielberg's 2001 movie AI. This could be one of Google's creepiest patents yet — especially if movies like "Chuckie" still give you nightmares. The patent filing diagrams a stuffed teddy bear and a bunny rabbit outfitted with microphones, speakers, cameras and motors as well as a wireless connection to the internet. If it senses you're looking at it, the fuzzy toy will rotate its head and look back at you. Once it receives and recognizes a voice command prompt, you can then tell it to control media devices in your home (e.g. turn on your music or TV). According to the patent filing: "To express interest, an anthropomorphic device may open its eyes, lift its head, and/or focus its gaze on the user or object of its interest. To express curiosity, an anthropomorphic device may tilt its head, furrow its brow, and/or scratch its head with an arm. To express boredom, an anthropomorphic device may defocus its gaze, direct its gaze in a downward fashion, tap its foot, and/or close its eyes. To express surprise, an anthropomorphic device may make a sudden movement, sit or stand up straight, and/or dilate its pupils."

The patent adds that making the device look "cute" should encourage even the youngest members of a family to interact with it. But Mikhail Avady, from SmartUp, said he thought it belonged in "a horror film", and the campaign group Big Brother Watch has also expressed dismay. "When those devices are aimed specifically at children, then for many this will step over the creepy line," says Avady. "Children should be able to play in private and shouldn't have to fear this sort of passive invasion of their privacy."

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