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Comment: Re:Rewarding the bullies... (Score -1) 777

Actually not. Poison is extremely easy to make with a minimum of knowledge of chemistry. You can make chlorine gas with household supplies, in closed spaces it will cause lethal damage to lungs. Neurotoxins are easy as well and dosage is not a problem, just use enough of it. I've been mixing up poisons since I was 11. You will spend a lot for guns and ammunition, you will have to show papers. Household chemicals are cheap. Equipment to distill toxins from plants is cheap and you can build it at home out of store-bought glassware. Moreover, firearms are messy: once the first shots are fired, most of your targets will flee or hide while poison once absorbed will do its work. Incendiaries are also great, they do way more damage per mass than explosives and are easier to make. The panic will kill more than the fire, and the superheated air will get everywhere and kill people far from the point of origin. Smoke will kill more. Don't pull statements out of your ass, it only shows everybody how stupid you are.

Comment: Bring on the Global Warming! (Score -1) 728

by JockTroll (#46738469) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?
The sooner the catastrophes strikes, the better. It will be the long awaited-for reason for social purging and decontamination. We, the beautiful and athletic people will, of course, have the best chances to reproduce and survive while the lower specimens will die out. Nerds in particular will be eradicated quickly enough, and recycled mainly as pig food and fertilizer, although me might decide to dessiccate some of their corpses for use as combustible. The future does not bode well for you, nerdinhos, I'd get out of life before life gets done with you because even if the apocalypse doesn't come, the days you were "protected" by social conventions are coming to an end. ;)

Comment: That's right. Teach them... (Score -1) 578

by JockTroll (#46725951) Attached to: Michael Bloomberg: You Can't Teach a Coal Miner To Code
... Something useful instead. Coders are now a dime a dozen, and it's a job easily offshored. The Internet took care of that part. Seriously, how many programmers do you really need? This is not the '80s or '90s when you could make it big, now there's fewer and fewer IT giants and they don't need that many workers. The cloud and outsourcing are killing off IT departments in many companies. Technology is cleaning itself up for good. When in less than a decade Silicon Valley will have become IT's Detroit and all the jobs have been offshored, the tech-heads will have to reinvent themselves, most certainly as street sweeper. Unless robots have taken that role as well, and in that case they will have to reinvent themselves as emaciated corpses.

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The EU stand up to the US? The EU that stopped diplomatic flights on the order of the High Lord Bonobo because it was suspected that the soundrel Edward Snowden, who mightly displeased the High Lord Bonobo, could be on them? They will not antagonize the US media lobby, which is actively supported by the High Lord Bonobo: instead they will do the European Salute (right arm and hand extended, palm facing down) and shout "JAWOHL MEIN FÜHRER" (in German to honor their proud cultural heritage of course).

Comment: Aw come on (Score -1) 1037

by JockTroll (#46675327) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion
If "the internet" is what takes to change your view of the world on anything, then you didn't have much of a view to begin with and probably can't even read. Seriously, there have been those analog information storage units called "books" around for centuries. Reading Voltaire will cause you to rethink religion but the internet? LOL. If ANY of your choices have been influenced by the internet, you're weak-minded and pathetic: the moment the web buzz changes you will drink cyanide-laces kool-aid and love it. Stupid marketoid bot. Do the world a favour, you internet-worshipping loserboys: kill yourselves, rid the world of your weak-minded pathetic ilk. Do it. Now.

Comment: Drones, PAH! (Score -1) 397

by JockTroll (#46565035) Attached to: Drone-Assisted Hunting To Be Illegal In Alaska
Hunting with drones is for sissies. You want that wildlife killed, you get your rifle, shotgun or pistol or whatever and you do it yourself. What's next, tapping animals' phones? Intercepting their e-mail? And for what, pray tell? Are you seriously telling me you've got any evidence, backed by solid intelligence, that some wild hares are planning to hijack a couple of bald eagles and fly them into some ol' sequoia tree because they've got religious issues with the squirrels? Think again, smartass. What's this fucking world come to that you can't hunt deer without blowing bucks into drones. Oh the huge manatee! THE HUGE MANATEE!

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