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Comment: Re: 3d printing is legit (Score -1) 69

by JockTroll (#48008769) Attached to: How 3D Printers Went Mainstream After Decades In Obscurity
Are you mad? LEGO pieces are copyrighted, trademarked, patented and consecrated with the blood of albino babies. If you so much as think about reproducing them you will feel the wrath of the corporate jihadists who will behead the shit out of everyone and then shoot themselves in the head with flamethrowers.

Comment: Re:The geek never learns. (Score -1) 421

by JockTroll (#47890565) Attached to: Windows Tax Shot Down In Italy
We're not talking about pedophile geeks here, but italian judges. The kind of guys who in the aftermath of an earthquake will sentence you to jail for the crime of being a geologist. Nobody cares what geeks think or say, because we ignore them and, if they get too loud, we silence them with a swift kick to the head followed by our feet stomping down on their zit-ridden faces, crushing them into pools of pus. Italian judges, on the other way, are still debating if Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation applies to Italy since it was enunciated by a non-italian.

Comment: Lame (Score 1, Interesting) 66

by JockTroll (#47839841) Attached to: Two Explorers Descend Into An Active Volcano, and Live to Tell About It
Haroun Tazieff did that way before. Of course, Tazieff was a world-class jock: he would climb up an erupting volcano, lower himself into the crater and fart into the lava just to see what happened. A great lover of physical activity and a competitive fellow who had engaged in sabotage tags against the Nazis (with the Nazis always being "it" because they couldn't catch him), he would take no shit from no-one and would, instead, shovel shit by the metric ton upon the wannabe shitters. Too bad he died but this kind of stuff just happens. Just remember than while Steve Irwin would poke tree branches up crocodile's butts to see what happens, Haroun Tazieff would poke a humungous Avatar tree-of-life branch up an active volcano's butt just for the lulz. And then he would pull the volcano's pants all the way to its fire-spitting head.

Comment: Re:Congratulations, India ! (Score -1) 67

by JockTroll (#47742675) Attached to: Mangalyaan Gets Ready To Enter Mars Orbit
Fuck becoming peaceful. We won't, ever. But at least we'll get to use cool spaceguns and mobile suits and nuke places from orbit just to be sure. And we'll kill a metric fuckton of people with DEWS and peebees and wave motion guns and whatever and spread they corpsicles into the merciless vacuum of space just for the lulz. And the idea of using the blood of schmucks like you as rocket fuel turns me on. I mean, it fucking gives me a hard-on. Who cares if it doesn't burn well, nothing screams FUCKING AWESOME like a rocket engine powered by boiling human blood! BRING IT ON!

Comment: Re:Trojan Horse (Score -1) 82

by JockTroll (#47692917) Attached to: EFF's Cell Phone Guide For US Protesters
You are aware that electronic devices are forensically imaged (just like computers and any digital media storage) and not just hooked up like you do when you're backing up your phone, aren't you? I'd say no. You've seen too many movies and TV shows and now you think you're Neo. Reality is going to hurt when a bunch of cops will be laughing at you, just before they beat you up and shit on your face.

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