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Comment: You should all be ashamed (Score 2, Interesting) 293

by JochenBedersdorfer (#24912563) Attached to: OS/2 Community Tries Bounty System
It's not fair to make fun of OS/2.
OS/2 was a technology leader for a long time, it was the first OS to take the desktop metaphor seriously. Its programming model (SOM) and template system is still marvelous after all these years. It was the first OS with proper multi-threading support, with voice support etc. etc. Lots of innovations happenend on this platform.

It just had one problem: It was managed by IBM!

When OS/2 version 3 came out, it kicked ass compared to Win 3.11 and Win 95. Just imagine what would have happenend if IBM had decided to put a proper fight in the desktop war.

We would have a far more advanced OS by now.

Currently we are stuck with Vista, which is a graphical update of the interface concepts of Windows 3.11!

It's a shame we are stuck in the 90s wrt human computer interaction.


Machine Prints 3D Copies Of Itself 341

Posted by samzenpus
from the breed-like-robots dept.
TaeKwonDood writes "Automated machines have been around for decades. They have basically been dumb devices that do simple assembly tasks. But RepRap takes that a step further because, instead of assembling pre-fabricated parts, it creates 3-D objects by printing them — squirting molten plastic in layers — and then building them up as the plastic solidifies. It works on coat hooks, door handles and now it can even make working copies ... of itself. The miracle of additive fabrication, coming soon to a robotic overlord near you."

+ - Internet Radio royalties absurdly high->

Submitted by idobi
idobi writes: If there's any doubt that the RIAA's royalty for internet radio is insanely high, applying the rates to a single terrestrial station shows that it would collect $1.4 billion from that station alone. If soundexchange were able to collect royalties from a single internet radio station the size of KROQ in Los Angeles, it would be equivalent to 12% of the $11.51 billion in US music sales in 2006.
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