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Comment Re:dry ink (Score 1) 165

You do know that the included toner cartridges are only one-third to one-half full*, right? That's why they call them "starter" cartridges.

(* Exact quantity varies by manufacturer and printer model)

New toner cartridges _seem_ expensive but they last as long as two or three new printers.

Comment Re:dry ink (Score 1) 165

print quality is very good even for pictures (of course not suitable if you REALLY want to print out glossy photographs on high quality photo paper) and a third party set of toner (all colours) costs about €30.

That's what print shops are for. There's no need to suffer inkjet ownership just to be able to print a photo every couple of months.

Comment Re:This used to be the case in the past... (Score 4, Interesting) 165

I'd just be happy with larger ink cartridges. It is sad how few milli-liters most cartridges have.

Also: Individual colors, and a head declogging routine that works on a single cartridge at a time instead of draining the perfectly good colors as well.

The final straw for me was when one color was blocked, so I did a couple of cleans to sort it out and that drained another color so I had to put in a new cartridge (luckily I had separate colors), run the cleaning again, by which time another color was flashing as empty and I had to change that as well. During this time my brand new black ink cartridge went down by about 25%. All in all that page cost me about $20 to print.

I went out next day and bought a color laser. I've had it about 10 years and only bought one new set of cartridges. It's always worked first time - switch on and print. I'd rather stab my own eyeballs with forks than own another inkjet.

Comment Obvious fail is obvious... (Score 4, Funny) 377

I think I see the problem: They didn't allow any burn-in time for the cables before doing the listening test - they just plugged them in and started listening as if that was going to sound correct.

A real listening test needs at least of couple of weeks for the atoms in the cable to settle down after moving/bending it in any way.

Comment Re:Passed data with a ton of noise? (Score 1) 377

THIS! But testing Ethernet cables passing TCP is pointless anyway... Where is the Bit Error Rate specs here? Digital data is either correct at the bit level, or it's not...

It's almost as if you didn't read the article before posting that.

Hint: The problem perceived by audiophiles isn't caused by data errors.

"Who cares if it doesn't do anything? It was made with our new Triple-Iso-Bifurcated-Krypton-Gate-MOS process ..."