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Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 570

It's exactly what double blind means. You don't tell the subjects whether they're in the active, placebo, or control groups.

Nope, that's a blind test.

Double-blind means the people handing out the pills also don't know if they're placebo or not. This eliminates any subtle body-language vibes they might be giving out to the people who swallow them.

Comment Re:Upstart? Scarebus? Comparison to Concorde? (Score 1) 345

Dear sir, I was replying to a person who wrote - and this is a direct quote form his post:

"One of the major reasons the Concord didn't do very well was that the USA banned it from their airports out of jealousy before it had even flown."

That is either a known lie, or really bad repetition of a falsehood, a statement not built on facts.

It says something about "Scheduled flights began on 21 January 1976 ... the US Congress had just banned Concorde landings in the US".

Comment Re:Upstart? Scarebus? Comparison to Concorde? (Score 1) 345

Concorde: Mach 2.02
F-14 Tomcat: Mach 2.34
F-15 Eagle: Mach 2.50
F-16 Falcon: Mach 2.05

The *only* way a Concorde could outrun either of these is if said Concorde had at least a 100-200 mile head start when the chase began, which was likely the case.

Nah. None of those could achieve those speeds without afterburner which used up their fuel in about 15 minutes. Concord could cruise at that speed for hours.

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