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Comment Re: Three Laws of Self-Driving Cars (Score 1) 157 157

Unless you are sitting in a cold dark cave beating a rock against the wall for fun, you are polluting the planet.

There isn't a direct correlation between fun/polluting. Some very fun things hardly pollute at all.

The great evil isn't in a minority doing things, it's in the great masses doing medium-polluting things and having no fun at all. eg. Soccer moms driving their SUVs, light polluters, etc.

Comment Re: Three Laws of Self-Driving Cars (Score 4, Insightful) 157 157

Huh? The worst polluters are the ones who drive oversized SUVs in the name of 'safety' - they're having no fun at all in their cars, I promise you.

OTOH a not-especially-polluting car can be an awful lot of fun to drive, eg. my MR2 gets about 30mpg and I don't drive it gently.

Comment Re:Country run by oil barons does nothing!!! (Score 1) 195 195

Wealthy oil companies have a financial incentive to block efforts that would ultimately compete with their offerings.

You mean like buying up battery patents, etc., so nobody can put decent batteries in cars?

Yeah, they do that.

Comment Re:Country run by oil barons does nothing!!! (Score 1) 195 195

The complications of the molten salt reactors are much more numerous than thorium reactor proponents would suggest, the reactor in Oak Ridge was hardly at commercial scale.

Weirdly enough, the solution to most of the complications is right there in the Wikipedia article (alongside the complication).

Comment Re:Country run by oil barons does nothing!!! (Score 2) 195 195

I've got to hand it to the oil cartels: Telling the USA they'll have to drive tiny little cars if they want to save the planet was a smart piece of advertising.

It's not true though. You can knock a few liters off the engine in your SUV and get about the same power just by remapping the ECU. Rev the engine a bit instead, maybe add a turbo, you'll pull away from the lights just as well as before. Trying to produce big torque from a gasoline the engine running at 1500RPM is just a stupid waste of gasoline.

PS: SUVs and pick-ups would actually feel _better_ with diesel engines - and you'd halve the fuel consumption.

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