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Submission + - Star Trek: Renegades Episodes 2 & 3 Kickstarter needs your help (

JoSch1337 writes: Some news for nerds that matter: The last time Star Trek: Renegades was on Slashdot was in 2013. Since then, the team has produced an amazing pilot episode 1 and now needs help to produce episode 2 or even episode 3 if they reach their stretch goal. There are only 19 days left. From the Kickstarter page:

Star Trek Renegades is an independent, fan-funded and supported Internet television series, executive produced by Sky Conway. Renegades features a combination of familiar Star Trek character and actors, plus a collection of hot, new rising actors. Set a decade after Voyager's return from Delta Quadrant, ST: Renegades focuses on a team of fugitives, who are on the run from the Federation while secretly working for the head of Starfleet intelligence, Admiral Pavel Chekov (Walter Koenig) and Tuvok (Tim Russ, who also directs) to root out internal corruption within the Federation as well as external threats.

Comment for all the critics I have the following... (Score 1) 755

It is easy to say "people will stop working" or "the country/county/city will be flooded with people from outside" but the only way to know what will happen is to try it out. It already has been done in Canada and was called mincome:

The project was cancelled despite its huge success because of an economical crisis and results were locked up until recently.

Submission + - Neo900 open source phone now starts accepting pre-orders

JoSch1337 writes: After a year and a half of development, the Neo900 project now opened its web shop for the down payments of binding pre-orders for either a full Neo900 phone or the bare circuit board to upgrade an existing Nokia N900. The up-front down payment is necessary to now secure expensive "risk parts" like the modem, 1GB RAM and N900 cases. Thus, without pre-ordering now, there might not be enough parts left after the first batch.

The Neo900 is the spritual successor of the Nokia N900. The new circuit board can be placed into an existing N900 for better specs (faster CPU, more RAM, LTE modem) than the original device while still maintaining fremantle (maemo 5) backwards compatibility. Alternatively, a fully assembled phone can be purchased as well. The Neo900 will be fully operational without any binary blob running on the main CPU. While the modem still requires a non-free firmware, it is completely decoupled from the rest of the device (think of a LTE usb stick you put in your laptop) and can reliably be monitored or switched off by the operating system.

You can follow the development of the project in the maemo forum, read about the specs of the device or consulet the FAQ

Comment Re:Bring me a phone... (Score 3, Interesting) 177

While many parts are open source, Sailfish OS is not completely free software and contains parts under a proprietary EULA.

Firefox OS is mostly open source as well but contains binary android drivers.

Without free drivers, there will always be a binary blob on your system which can then "phone home" or do other nasty things. Before a phone is created which does not require these blobs, there will be no phone completely running free software.

The openmoko gta01 and freerunner were attempts at this.

The gta04 by golden delicious was pretty good too and was able to run without any binary blobs (it was not necessary to install the binary powervr driver to use the phone normally without 3D).

The next upcoming thing is the neo900:

Submission + - Debian will not require you to install systemd ( 1

JoSch1337 writes: In contrast to what you might've read, Debian Jessie will be the first Debian release that is about choice, where it is up to you to choose the init system you like.

Don't listen to trolls. They lie. Debian was and continues to be about choice. Previously, you could configure Debian to use other init systems, and you can continue to do so in the future. In fact, with wheezy, sysvinit was essential. In the words of trolls, Debian "forced" you to install SysV init! With jessie, it will become easier to choose the init system, because neither init system is essential now. Instead, there is an essential meta-package "init", which requires you to install one of systemd-sysv | sysvinit-core | upstart. In other words, you have more choice than ever before.

There is no need to fork Debian because especially for servers it is no problem to keep using sysvinit because you probably do not have gnome installed on your server.

Comment To all of you who want to fork or abandon Debian.. (Score 1) 522 do realize that the TC decision was just one about the default init system for Jessie? Nobody will stop you from not using systemd if you so wish. There is also no decision yet on how to upgrade people from wheezy to jessie, whether that upgrade should mean to switch the init system by default or whether users should stay with their existing init or be given a choice at upgrade time.

The only thing that'll make it harder to switch to non systemd is that some desktops (gnome) will depend on logind. Unless somebody creates a replacement for logind, gnome will depend on systemd but this is hardly Debian's fault. So if you want to complain about Debian "forcing" systemd on you, please complain to gnome to use logind or (better) come up with your logind variant.

It is also necessary to mention the existance of systemd-shim (but this also has to be maintained by someone...).

Comment Are you fucking kidding me?? (Score 1) 554

Windows 10 will have exactly the same requirements as Windows 8.1, which had the same requirements as Windows 8, which stuck to Windows 7 specs, which was the same as Windows Vista

Awesome! Now less people will have to throw away their existing hardware, thus generating less toxic waste!

you can't help wondering what we're actually giving up in exchange for holding the minimum system spec at a single-core 1GHz, 32-bit chip with just 1GB of RAM

I can very much help wondering: we are giving up nothing - or are you saying that the bare operating system *should* consume more than 1 GB of ram and need more than 1GHz of processor to run properly?

what would Windows look like if Microsoft at least mandated a dual-core product

Why would I require a dual core processor to run my OS? My OS should require AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE of my system resources so that I can use those resources to do actual work! Are you suggesting my OS should do *something* which would require keeping at least one core busy??

What if DX10 â" a feature set that virtually every video card today supports, according to Valve's Steam Hardware Survey, became the minimum standard, at least on the x86 side of the equation?

Unless you suggest that I have a dynamic, live-rendered Skyrim wallpaper - why the heck would I need DX10 to draw some stupid windows and buttons??

How much better might the final product be if Microsoft put less effort into validating ancient hardware and kicked those specs upwards, just a notch or two?

You tell me - unless you come up with something that we cannot have because of the non-increased specs, I don't see a single reason why it should be a bad thing that people can keep their old hardware and not invest more money into new one just so that they can upgrade their OS because MS ceases to support their old version.

You are making some groundless, wild claims about what there *could* be without even giving a single example for the price of radically harming the evironment with millions of disposed electric garbage - I think you should think about this for a bit more.

Comment Not usable outside research (Score 1) 34

jasper depends on the "CMU-Cambridge Statistical Language Modeling Toolkit V2" which is released under the condition that it will only be used for research purposes. Therefore, their setup can't be used for non-research purposes. I doubt that setting up my own home-automation system counts as research...

Submission + - Neo900 hacker phone reaches minimum number of pre-orders for production 2

wick3t writes: The Neo900 fundraising campaign has already achieved the milestone of 200 pre-orders which means that mass production is now feasible. This follows a successful first prototype that was showcased at the OpenPhoenux-Hard-Software-Workshop 2013. Their next target is 1000 pre-orders as they aspire to reduce the production costs of each device.

Submission + - Neo900 reaches its fundraiser goal in less than week, now heading for 100k EUR 4

dos1 writes: The OpenPhoenux Neo900 project, which wants to create open successor to the Nokia N900 has reached its fundraiser goal of 25 000 € in less than week.

However, it's not over. The project has decided to continue the campaign, as they need as many "preorders" as possible in order to lower the price of the device (by producing more than just 200) and make production of some custom parts more feasible. Therefore their next goal is set to 100 000 €.

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