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Comment: Not usable outside research (Score 1) 34

jasper depends on the "CMU-Cambridge Statistical Language Modeling Toolkit V2" which is released under the condition that it will only be used for research purposes. Therefore, their setup can't be used for non-research purposes. I doubt that setting up my own home-automation system counts as research...

+ - Neo900 hacker phone reaches minimum number of pre-orders for production 2

Submitted by wick3t
wick3t (787074) writes "The Neo900 fundraising campaign has already achieved the milestone of 200 pre-orders which means that mass production is now feasible. This follows a successful first prototype that was showcased at the OpenPhoenux-Hard-Software-Workshop 2013. Their next target is 1000 pre-orders as they aspire to reduce the production costs of each device."

+ - Neo900 reaches its fundraiser goal in less than week, now heading for 100k EUR 4

Submitted by dos1
dos1 (2950945) writes "The OpenPhoenux Neo900 project, which wants to create open successor to the Nokia N900 has reached its fundraiser goal of 25 000 € in less than week.

However, it's not over. The project has decided to continue the campaign, as they need as many "preorders" as possible in order to lower the price of the device (by producing more than just 200) and make production of some custom parts more feasible. Therefore their next goal is set to 100 000 €."

+ - Fundraiser for Neo900 open smartphone-> 1

Submitted by JoSch1337
JoSch1337 (1168265) writes "Golden Delicious Computers (creators of OpenPhoenux / GTA04 openmoko replacement board) is announcing a fundraiser to produce first prototypes and kickstart mass production of the Neo900 open smartphone. Based on the electronics of the GTA04 open smartphone platform, the Neo900 will reuse the Nokia N900 case but contain a motherboard with a faster CPU, more RAM, an LTE modem and other additions when compared to the original Nokia N900 smartphone. In the Openmoko spirit the device will be fully hackable, supporting QtMoko, SHR, Debian, Replicant and any other operating system ported to it like Maemo, Ubuntu or Firefox OS. Visit for more detailed specifications or for a general FAQ.
Here is a video presenting the idea:
If your donation is above 100 eur, then that amount will be deducted from your purchase of the final version of the Neo900. The final motherboard is expected to be in the range of 500-700 eur depending on the amount of orders and availability of components."

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Comment: Re:Vaporware (Score 2) 157

by JoSch1337 (#39761319) Attached to: Pixel Qi Says Next-Gen Displays Meet or Beat iPad 3 Screen Quality

My experience come from owning a notion ink adam tablet with the pixelqi screen.

It is readable outside in sunlight.

BUT it is only readable when there is MUCH sunlight and it is NOT very good even under those optimal conditions.

The contrast is extremely bad, hence you get best results with most sunlight but they are still not optimal. Plus, even with most sunlight, the viewing angle is still extremely narrow and when you tilt the screen just a bit too much, the content becomes unreadable.

I am not surprised why we do not see these "magical" displays in more hardware.

Comment: please dont advertise the AI touchbook anymore (Score 1) 277

by JoSch1337 (#38334834) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Tablet For Running a Real GNU/Linux Distribution?

the product is dead and the company silent.

I've been with the project for over two and a half years and pre-ordered mine in february 2010 - no product yet. It was always delayed and the current status is:

forum silent, irc silent (been in both for three years now) and no answer to any email.

the product is total vaporware - dont buy it!

I got a second-hand V1 touchbook though but even that one is not recommendable - it has many hardware bugs, the most important one being that charging doesnt properly work and while there are resoldering solutions to some, there are none to others.

+ - OpenMoko's FreeRunner rises from the ashes

Submitted by ChristW
ChristW (18232) writes "Remember OpenMoko's first free and open source phones, the GTA-01 and GTA-02 (also called FreeRunner)? There is a new project called Phoenux. The German company Golden Delicous is building a new main board (called GTA-04) for the GTA01/02 case.

The new hardware features:
- DM3730 (800 MHz)
(and lots more)"

Comment: gta04 - help making it solve the problem (Score 1) 478

by JoSch1337 (#38133546) Attached to: Are There Any Smartphones That Respect Privacy?

why not instead of whining about the situation, help making a privacy respecting smartphone platform happen?

The successor to the openmoko gta02 is the goldendelicious gta04 featuring an omap3 processor and umts internet and many more things you would want your smartphone to have.

They started preorders now:

So quit whining, get yourself a truly free and open phone and help making the operating system where YOU choose and not some evil corporation.

Comment: debian+e17(illume) (Score 1) 135

by JoSch1337 (#37771594) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which OS For an Embedded Display Unit?

I have debian with e17 using the illume theme running on the notion ink adam tablet and I'm really impressed how well it works.

The packages in debian unstable are new enough for a proper installation of e17 and bootstrapping debian for armel is also piece of cake using multistrap.

maybe worth looking into it.

Comment: this is how it works (Score 1) 239

by JoSch1337 (#37584056) Attached to: Hot Multi-OS Switching — Why Isn't It Everywhere?

a short summary:

the presentation by AI at ELC 2011:

Troubles start when each operating system wants to get control over wireless, the display or any other resource they all share and expect to have exclusive control over. So considering how many bugs we already have in current operating systems I can hardly imagine the amount of hacks required to android or GNU/Linux to make them at least cooperate enough for basic functionality is worth the benefits of having multiple OS at the same time. I dont really see the advantage of such a feature.

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