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Comment: Re:You must have an unusual definition of stupid (Score 1) 16

by Jimmy_Slimmy (#33382804) Attached to: Pondering Pudge's Pending Parting

Pudge must have been beaten like a rented mule when he was a boy. That's how you inculcate the fear which metastasizes later in life into conservatism.

You catch more fish when you use good bait.

inculcate (sic)- there are so many ways...


I am conservative- I both conserve, and recyle. I am liberal- I liberate. As I get later in life, I have noticed change. Liberal, conservative, reactionary, extremist- been there, done that, but there are trends...

peace- for it
justice- for it
the American way- typically against it, cautious about it, or thoughtful about it, and usually seeing that it needs work as of late.

That likely makes me the poster child and bad boy of conservatives and liberals in the country pudge calls home.

As a child, I was only brow-beaten.

Comment: Re:You must have an unusual definition of stupid (Score 1) 16

by Jimmy_Slimmy (#33371520) Attached to: Pondering Pudge's Pending Parting

I really would like to be a fly on the wall at casa pudge. I feel sympathy with his situation if it is not of his choosing; a predicament. I suspect they had to let someone go, and they could most easily talk themselves into letting him go. I think he may be getting stale with computers, and he may have become the evil poster boy of slashdot in their mind, and wasting too much time doing so.

Active denial of facts, failure to reason properly, logical fallacies, black-and-white thinking. All these add up to some kind of stupid.

I think each of those add up to some kind of humanity. What always drove me up the wall was his failures of: sympathy; emotional intelligence, seeing the validity of the white when he believes the black, cognitive dissonance, and I could go on.

This might be explained by nature or nurture. His siblings seem to share various traits, but he seems the farthest out there.

When all is said and done, I wish him the best, and hope for improvement of all our souls.



Comment: Re:well done! (Score 1) 13

by Jimmy_Slimmy (#32097006) Attached to: Pudgian "logic" on display

This thread since my original comment is truly excellent! You have held a mirror up for me to see myself, but we may not agree on who I am, and who pudge is, or even who you are; and how much is pre-ordained; illness, quirk, or choice. I think your conclusions about Chris have ample support with his writings, but whether your conclusions are right is quite debatable.

Actually, I would say that pudge versus damn-registrars is a battle of equals, or at least the blind leading on the blind, taking turns in the lead. You know better than to join the parade, and can comment instead. I comment also.

And, being a perpetual optimist, I think they can both improve. Though I think D_R is reading this, and pudge is not.

I have seen, and know, and comment on, fine qualities in pudge. And had civil debates with both d_r and Christopher G. Nandor. I know his birthday, and it is not in September. He is more than an acquaintance, though we have never met in meatspace.

You might look back at the times when pudge has stepped into a discussion with me, uninvited and without need, and taunted me, before you conclude who is poking at who. Just look back a bit at my posts, there is a good example.

Thanks for your comments, and those of the others in this thread. Nothing is black or white, is my premise; except the thinking of conservatives. ;-}

Comment: come on! (Score 1) 1

by Jimmy_Slimmy (#32083746) Attached to: Pudge, as an artist (teehee)

Chris is a tee-totaler.

Even though he idolizes the late Mr. Buckley, and allows for libertarian choice to smoke the weed, I agree that there is not any reasonable chance of him enjoying the weed.

Not that I ever have.

I doubt even glaucoma or nausea from anticancer drugs would persuade him.

More the pity.

Comment: I am a racist (Score 1) 44

by Jimmy_Slimmy (#31998688) Attached to: Obama: Racist?

and like George Wallace, I am trying, at least from time to time, to be a better man before I die.

I am also a liar, a cheater, a thief, a glutton, and I have known lust in my heart.

I ask myself the rhetorical question, "Is Timex a racist?", because you seem to think Obama is a racist, and if you are one too, you might want to offer a disclaimer.

By the way, I think that is likely true, under your scrutiny, for a majority of Americans, and Kenyans, to be slurred as being racist. For some Americans, it is not a slur, but something they are perversely proud of- like a KKK member, or like an embittered ex Black Panther.

(Above are my comments. Below are my questions.)

What is your post about? You, or President Obama?



Comment: Re:The solution is (Score 1) 11

by Jimmy_Slimmy (#31915962) Attached to: Slashdot Panders to the ConservaTrolls Again...

Has it come to that? Are nerds actually conservative?

I recall being sad when I realized that on the whole, college students had become conservative. Maybe it has swung away from that (as the years pass, I get less connected to the college mind set), due to such egregious examples of conservatism like Cheney and Scalia, and incompetence like Bush II, but I remember sorrow.

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize them.