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Comment Re:Depends if you want to support it (Score 1) 224

Sometimes a smart man learns to "need" less. If one goes off the deep end and spends that kind of money to build a rig the next consideration will be in very expensive software and the high- end device will probably spin your electric meter quite a bit as well. I can see going overboard if the PC is earning you money but simply to play games with it is really excessive. Computers are quickly becoming a commodity. That will benefit all of us. As far as the Linux or Windows argument goes I would choose Linux for 99% of what I need and forget the other 1%. Oddly Puppy Linux is a good choice for most people. It is secure compared to other OSs, is free, and is easy to use in most editions.

Comment Re:Oh, yeah... (Score 1) 207

One really has to be messed up to deny climate change is upon us. I just saw a talking head from the right wing whining about the killings in Paris and why preventing that sort of thing was more important than efforts to prevent climate change disasters. She was completely out of touch with reality and simply could not get the fact that many places around the world are suffering large-scale horrors already. The fact that the loss of entire nations might be a bit more important than the loss of 150 lives was absent in her mind. Then she tried to excuse the right wing by saying that many people have trouble accepting new facts and new ways of handling things and those people need quite a few years to settle their minds and emotions. It is disgusting in my opinion.

Comment CIA IS Right Wing (Score 1, Troll) 285

Sadly the CIA is right wing as is the military, industrial complex. The one thing we know about the right wing is that they lie and lie and lie. For the CIA job security and advancement, all are related to seeing supposed, great threats to the US. If no threat exists they will create one. Further, wars make some people a lot of money when there are active conflicts,

Comment Laws Without Borders (Score 1) 66

Why should we allow any foreign laws to have effects upon people in the US? If I wish to hire or associate with another person why should I not be able to dredge up their life history? Recently a nursing home was pushed by an advocate to hire a woman from a halfway house. I know that she may not have been a criminal, but she did have addictions to alcohol or some other substances. Her motive for taking the job was very likely to steal medications from the elderly. She only worked two nights before she neglected a patient so badly that the woman staggered into a kitchen area and bled to death over a period of at least one hour. That second chance and giving a hand up business has to be combined with common sense. Without being able to get a detailed history of the applicant just how does an employer make sound judgements? I would assume that the death will cost the nursing home a king's ransom.

Comment Education (Score 3, Insightful) 491

Engineers spend a lot of time learning math and the sciences and do not get enough liberal arts exposure at all in their educational process. Therefore, you are training a sort of human calculator, who is not well connected with the feelings and hopes of others. On top of that, the frustration of seeing what could be dome as opposed to how little is actually done must frustrate the heck out of engineers.

Comment Bad Assumptions (Score 1) 169

Millions of workers are always being displaced by technology. It is foolish to assume that, in the near future, computers and machines will replace people at the top of the tech industries. Surely computers will be able to create superior software, vastly reducing the need for programmers as well as many others in the industry.

Comment It's Been Here Before (Score 1) 108

In the past the US has been restrained by the Supreme Court in situations in which war is not declared. So far we have no declaration of war in regard to the terrorists. We have another term called a police action. Both the Korean War as well as Vietnam were police actions and not wars as such. President Truman tried to take over the steel industry in order to well supply our troops in Korea. The court disallowed that takeover less than 24 hours after Truman announced it. If we had had a declaration of war against N.Korea the decision would probably have been to allow take over by executive action.

Comment Just Like Earth (Score 1) 35

Just as we enjoy murdering natural resources on Earth we should now suck the moon dry of water so that we can one day be forced to haul millions of gallons of water to the moon to replace the water we use there. And the way things look we can get plenty of water as it is covering areas of the world right now that should not be under water at all.

Comment Mine Is Better (Score 0) 83

I have had the concept of a high speed hospice for quite some time. the family or attendant pulls up to what looks like a huge mail slot in a wall and the ill person is dropped through the slot onto a slide which slides them into a pit full of gators. That will cure what ails them. but we could do the same thing with prisoners. immediately after sentencing we could put them on a slide from the courtroom to the pit. As far as appeals go I am sure the gators below will find the convict appealing. We do need to come up with hand cuffs and the like that the gators can easily digest. By doing this we can convert convicts into lovely luggage and shoes and maybe use the gator hides to make sofas and the like. And we can get rid of drunk drivers once and for all.

Comment Why it Works in College (Score 2) 412

College dorms run pretty well but there is a good reason why. Any problems in a dorm can bring down the wrath of Khan upon you. Getting tossed out of college without any refund or even a willingness to credit you for past semesters can come to roost in your gut over a single problem. A thrown punch meant expulsion. In some colleges one beer was enough to get you expelled even if you had that beer at home on New Year's Eve. A dorm run with a lower level of control may not work at all. And by the way $800 a month rent is far too nasty anywhere for any dwelling.

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