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Comment: Ignorance With Feet (Score 1) 802

by Jim Sadler (#47929373) Attached to: ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children
ISIS may well be the ultimate as far as creating ignorance and stupidity. Statements such as teaching chemistry without mathematics are so absurd one hardly knows where to start. If there is a sane segment of Islam one would think that the sane Moslems would rise up and slaughter these right wing retards. The right wing in American politics suffers much in common with ISIS such as wanting to ban the teaching of science or put creationism in a science class. Knowledge is the enemy of the right.

Comment: Re:Absolutely false (Score 1) 179

The assumption that wounding is worse for the enemy than killing is flawed. Some armies do not assist their wounded. N. Korea demonstrated this back in 1950. The old story is that the Jeep flips and the N. Koreans would rush to strip the jeep of all usable parts and leave the passengers moaning and broken to die even though it was only broken legs or arms that disabled them. The other problem is that a heavier cartridge can kill at a greater distance. And then there is the issue of deflection of a bullet by twigs being a greater factor is liter bullets. A heavy round that can penetrate cover and kill even after destroying the first soldier in its path makes a good weapon. The M-16 was simply the wrong tool for Vietnam. It's lite weight bullet simply was not as effective compared to the AK47s and other heavy hitters. The heavy slug could plow through all kinds of brush and tall grass and destroy enemies.

Comment: Re:Then I guess you could say... (Score 1) 213

by Jim Sadler (#47916001) Attached to: Schizophrenia Is Not a Single Disease
In some mental patients the amount of internal dialogue is so great that the capacity to respond to situations goes right out the window. Thinking about all the things caused by the illness in a frantic, high speed mode, disallows focusing energy into confronting the world and it just gets more and more tragic. You can see this in people who flee from the police at high speeds. Many of those folks would get a warning or a trivial ticket but they over react due to their internal dialogues and endanger themselves and everyone else in a frantic effort to escape for no reason at all.

Comment: Re:Then I guess you could say... (Score 2) 213

by Jim Sadler (#47915989) Attached to: Schizophrenia Is Not a Single Disease
Thank God those of us who are not afflicted do not know what it is like to be overwhelmed with voices and visions. It has to be painful beyond understanding. The social losses also must be awful. And with this now found to be eight different diseases I wonder what effect the medications applied must have been having as the chances of getting the right meds for a particular disease must be really lousy. I fear that this new understanding may cause a lot of patients to cease taking there medications. On the up side just maybe we have reached a starting point for a real cure for this plague that has ruined millions of lives. And I hope the lawyers take notice as the discrimination by insurance companies against what is now considered an organic disease must have been illegal all along.

Comment: Re:What sort of engine (Score 1) 132

by Jim Sadler (#47910561) Attached to: 3D-Printed Car Takes Its First Test Drive
Engines should print without much fuss at all. 3D printing with various metals is already common enough. We are seeing a lot of resistance to such articles simply because people are very much in fear of this new technology. We are about to see a hell for leather change in everything we think and believe. 3D printing, robotics and computing are gaining speed as is medical technology. When you see emotional primitives acting out much like the terrorists in the Arab world a great deal of it has to do with the fear of a very rapidly changing world. I am reminded of the Orthodox Rabi in Israel who was ranting that one could not hope to continue the faith if the young were exposed to movies. There were actually riots over whether things like movies should be allowed in some areas. If the young get wind of progress they can not be managed.

Comment: No High Ground In Sight (Score 1) 887

by Jim Sadler (#47899145) Attached to: Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk
College sophomores tend to get all messed up on what they think is logic. Many atheists do as well. Because there is a limit to the depths that can be reached in science there is always an element of faith or trust that creates a condition similar to a worshiper in church. Science is able to shift beliefs a bit faster than most religions and set sail on a slightly different course. Religions are usually slower to adopt the latest beliefs. But in the end neither science nor religion is free of the irrational. Philosophy students are easily sucked into this as well. They would be well served to remember the quote that philosophy begins where language ends. Make note of philosophies that must create special words or alter the meanings of existing words or strangle the very nature of language in order to maintain an absurd belief system. Scientology leaps to mind.

Comment: The US Way (Score 1) 94

by Jim Sadler (#47898087) Attached to: Drone-Based Businesses: Growing In Canada, Grounded In the US
The US is just a wee bit different. When a wonderful new technology becomes available we immediately call moral wizards with pointy hats designed to keep witches from sitting on their heads. Their job is to get new technologies made illegal or somehow prevent them within the US. That gives every nation on Earth a chance to make money except the US. In the US we like to sit around and whine that we are falling behind. Stem cells were like that. genetic therapy and crop creation are like that as well. Once the rest of the world gets all the potential profits locked away then and only then can the US to allow the same thing that all other nations have already gotten up and running. It is rather like we did with computers. We can market computers but design and building were pretty much taken by foreign companies. You see we dare not do anything here in America. That is because we are superior.

Comment: False Debate (Score 0) 163

by Jim Sadler (#47898041) Attached to: Justice Sotomayor Warns Against Tech-Enabled "Orwellian" World
Made simple some people want a monarchy. The government would then be entitled to absolute power and the public left powerless. In order to preserve some measure of equality the people, the government and businesses need to operate under exactly the same laws and restrictions and we all know that will never happen. As it stands the government can do a great job of watching me from many miles away by plane and by satellite. So why should I or my neighbor be allowed less?

Comment: Hidden content (Score 1) 60

The fact that the retina actually has intelligent functions is very important. There has been some long running beliefs that in psychiatric patients who have visual hallucinations that the patient actually sees something generated by the brain in the eye. If the retina is performing intelligent functions then perhaps some components of mental diseases do reside in the eyes. Perhaps it explains the rigid insistence by the patients that the visions are more real than normal sights.

Comment: Great Need (Score 1) 288

by Jim Sadler (#47896547) Attached to: California Declares Carpooling Via Ride-Share Services Illegal
I have seen the effect that location has on cab fares. In some places cab fares are reasonable while in other areas a cab ride is ultra expensive. In my area some cabs want a twenty dollar minimum and do not accept charge cards at all. The situation has reached the point at which we need new business models that force cabs to behave sanely in their rates. Some of the problems are due to individual drivers and not the companies that own them but the drivers have such a miserable situation that simply getting their permits pulled is more a blessing than a punishment.

Comment: Thank God (Score 4, Insightful) 74

by Jim Sadler (#47896533) Attached to: Medical Milestone: Scientists Reset Human Stem Cells
If this technology can become common place the suffering of the multitudes could be greatly reduced. I don't have a clue as to how many chronic diseases might be eliminated but I suspect that many diseases could be eliminated in the afflicted. For example can we roll back the clock for a person afflicted with Parkinson's disease to a time before the disease expressed itself in the patient? Think what that could mean for people like Michael J. Fox and many millions of folks.

Comment: Hydrogen Works Great (Score 1) 113

by Jim Sadler (#47894959) Attached to: Liquid Sponges Extract Hydrogen From Water
Small hydrogen from water units have been common for decades to power jewelers torches. In industry much larger gear exists to provide fuel for welding and it all works great. Yes, electricity is consumed in liberating the hydrogen but so what. If that electricity comes from solar, wind or tidal generation all the transaction involves is using electricity that would be wasted to generate hydrogen. Obviously that same hydrogen could be used to power turbines at night or on windless days. Hydrogen will play a big role in the Future Shock that is already beginning to slap people right in the face. Imagine big oil and coal and what could happen to investment funds when they collapse. How many mutual funds would crash if oil, gas and coal stocks imploded and how well would pension and retirement funds survive? Yet our political system is not in tune with these escalating breakthroughs in technology at all. How would the economies of the Arab states, Russia and others survive if oil and coal became effectively worthless? Why is it that people see future shock as a pie in the sky notion when it is already creating some chaos? Will real leaders please step forward!

Comment: Illegal as hell (Score 1, Troll) 223

by Jim Sadler (#47887717) Attached to: U.S. Threatened Massive Fine To Force Yahoo To Release Data
In order to issue a fine the action should have required the courts and appeals process up even unto the Supreme Court before any fine could be started. Frankly the loss of 4,000 people, several buildings and and three aircraft did not and does not constitute a threat to national security. The US is strong enough to take quite a few similar attacks without collapse of the nation. All that was really proven was that some clever Arab lunatics managed to do some harm. It shows that they have no real ability to mount a serious attack. Conversely we have the ability to exterminate the entire Arab region with relative ease if we like, Perhaps these people should consider the fact that the efficient way to handle them is to kill all and let God sort the good ones from the bad ones. Playing silly little battlefield games uses up money and American lives. Maybe we simply need to do a demo and just eliminate one nation down to the last living creature.

Comment: Corruption (Score 1) 462

by Jim Sadler (#47887581) Attached to: CBC Warns Canadians of "US Law Enforcement Money Extortion Program"
Cops are being forced to generate income for cities and counties. By putting pressure on the cops they are forced to concentrate on trivial traffic violations rather than catching people who are really menacing in traffic. The housewife who is five miles over the speed limit may get lots of tickets. But laying in weight for the person that drag races at very high speeds takes too much time so the cops are sort of encouraging extreme violations. One red light cam can grab over one million dollars a year for the city. Local policy is to not take points away for cam caught offences. They just want the money and keeping people driving means more tickets. The average good driver does create enough minor violations to suffer loss of license every year.

Comment: Re:I am shocked, SHOCKED, to find gambling here... (Score 1) 462

by Jim Sadler (#47887563) Attached to: CBC Warns Canadians of "US Law Enforcement Money Extortion Program"
In order for Germany to turn Nazi a situation of deep, moral depravity was required. The collapse of the economy created terror and panic and the Soviets gathering strength also menaced Germans. A state of great fear was key to dumping all sane morality into the crapper. Belief in God among the masses took a hit as well. After all in poverty and panic it is all too easy to claim that there was no God as God would never allow such a state of affairs to exist. There is another unpopular fact that the world doesn't want to admit. German science and art was the pinnacle and no nation came close to doing what Germans had done. They actually had something to loose. And the Soviets did threaten to erase German culture completely while a failed economy mean building a competitive military was very unlikely. The effect was that the German masses sent their morals to the dump and were very aware of the mass murders taking place, Keep in mind that concentration camps were railroad depots and travelers could easily see Jews at forced labor, starving and without protection from the cold, laboring on the tracks near the camps. These inmates were walking ghosts who were obviously being starved. One American GI that I met was laboring in the cities in public view with complete nudity as his clothing had decayed on his back and fallen away, He was forced to defuse bombs that had not exploded. A German housewife was offended by his male organs showing and tossed him a used pair of pants, The notion that Germans did not know is bullshit.

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