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Comment: Time To Spy (Score 1) 54

We have seen too many incidents of outrageous police conduct lately and it surely indicates that a lot more outrageous police conduct takes place. Maybe it is high time for the public to invest in a lot more hidden cams designed not just to catch criminals but bad cops as well. The single most vital thing we could do as a society is to allow voice recording almost everywhere. bribes and corruption flourish when laws exist making it illegal to record conversations. If we simply had access to every single conversation that our people in congress have we would have a much better nation. The same is true inside businesses. A great deal of evil goes on in businesses. How useful would it have been to be able to recover conversations going on in the tobacco companies back in the 1950s? Millions of lives could have been saved in that one example alone. In the end the public really doesn't want justice.

Comment: A Bit Odd (Score 2) 81

Around 1969 the military operated what were called fixed syphoning stations. The idea was to secretly listen in on communications and to insert false commands at critical moments. Turn left in a foreign language could be changed to turn right for example. And it had to duplicate all of the intonations and accents of the sender's voice. And that was 1969 technology. One can only wonder just how signals can be altered these days and worse yet the altered conversations could be saved as evidence of wrong doing. It is sort of like being able to produce the smoking gun in a murder case even though the gun never existed.

Comment: Re:Well done! (Score 1) 536

Depending upon just how pissed Lucas is he might sell homes to hood rats only. To qualify maybe a lengthy police record, a history of illegal substance sale or abuse and a proof of long term unemployment might be qualifiers for the new homes. In the past the rich have often used the poor for revenge even while killing off the poor. Start a war and offer jobs to the really poor fighting in the trenches. You get rid of the enemy and reduce your number of poor folk. maybe that is why so many convicts got early release in exchange for service in the Army. Oops! There goes another convict in that mine field.

Comment: Poor Me (Score 1, Interesting) 94

I seem to be limited to reason. When space is defined as nothing I have all kinds of issues with nothing having an effect on a big pile of something. Maybe we need to get rid of the word space and go back 150 years and call space the ether or some other mysterious material. Or i could just make up some babble that some people will pretend to understand. Example: Space is the expression of the differential between dark matter and matter acted upon by both energy and dark energy. Now freshmen light your pipes and ponder the truth of my conjecture.

Comment: Every Dog's Day (Score 4, Insightful) 214

by Jim Sadler (#49516395) Attached to: Netflix Is Betting On Exclusive Programming
NetFlix is wonderful. Every dog has its day and back when theaters were being crushed by cable and over the air stations were dropping like flies the cable industry could have cared less. Now cable TV is in serious trouble with no way to fight back except the one very obvious way. NetFlix delivers a ton of entertainment for $8. per month. Hint to cable : Deliver more for $8 than Netflix instead of charging hundreds per month.

Comment: Rich VS. Poor (Score 1) 533

by Jim Sadler (#49508533) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power
The simple but wrong answer is to cut your links to the power grid and devise ways to be comfortable at night. But even that won't work well. The power companies are going to have to hop scotch power delivery as less and less homes and businesses want a connection to the grid. That will cause an inevitable jump in the price of grid electricity. So those that can not afford to have self powered homes will be forced to pay much higher power bills. It also points the finger at power companies lying and stealing from the public. Supposedly the rise of prices on the grid is caused by the high cost of fuels to feed the turbines. Yet the power companies fight to keep power sent to them by home owners who pay for the systems at home that replace the fuel the power companies supposedly need to generate power. Essentially if i generate excess power my neighbor should see a drop in his electric bills. After all, the power company burned no fuel to supply him with power from my system. And just in case people are clueless big power, big coal and big oil are all in their end of life stages. That suggests that if you own stocks or bonds in those industries sell while you can. Progress will create chaos.

Comment: Make It Liquid (Score 1) 590

I'll bet that pouring liquid nitrogen down an inmates throat would be even quicker. Or we could just toss the inmate into a barrel filled with liquid nitrogen. Or we could use a barrel of Liquid oxygen and after the inmate is frozen solid the barrel and inmate could be lit on fire to provide cremation on the spot. No mess, no fuss and nice clean ashes to sweep up a bit as a bonus. Then we could powder the bones just as funeral homes do and use the bone in concrete to make more death chambers. i'm a fun guy!

Comment: Change The Laws (Score 1) 300

Freedom of information as well as freedom of speech are ruined when we allow a concept such as copyright to exist. To even suggest that the diary in question was an economic effort on the type of its dead author (may he roast in hell) or that those economic rights could somehow be transferred to other people after the author's death is just wrong. And frankly even the idea that German law can be respected when it once went so far astray is offensive in itself.

Comment: Re:Why is this a good thing again? (Score 1) 254

by Jim Sadler (#49501679) Attached to: The Upsides of a Surveillance Society
I wonder if it would be a better world if every word we ever speak was filmed and available for all to see permanently. We often get to know people as we first see them at their best moments but how low are they in their very worst moments? How stable are they in real life? Shouldn't others know when a person is in a defective state of being? For example the pilot that locked the cabin door and flew his plane into the side of a mountain could have been stopped before he acted out.

Comment: Chronic Failure (Score 1) 327

by Jim Sadler (#49484267) Attached to: Gyro-Copter Lands On West Lawn of US Capitol, Pilot Arrested
So here we are with our mega-giga-buck super high tech defense system complete with a spy system that the gestapo would admire and we can't stop drones or gyro copters or even people from invading the White House. A couple of alert sentries with shot guns could have dealt with this before either the drone or the gyrocopter made it to the lawn. It reminds me of small people with black pajamas running the US out of Vietnam.

Comment: Re:What? Why discriminate? (Score 2) 700

by Jim Sadler (#49478515) Attached to: 'We the People' Petition To Revoke Scientology's Tax Exempt Status
There are many false churches and particularly in the radio and TV ministries. The prosperity doctrine is actually a Satanic doctrine that is foisted upon the ignorant. Christ clearly taught poverty as a part of the faith. The prosperity part is in reference to the next life and not about life in this world. There are a couple of ministers who have gone to prison over their use of money collected and spent for personal use. For some screwy reason ministers going to jail for stealing from the ignorant are about like telemarketers. Very few telemarketers go to prison but almost 100% are crooked. Any real effort by the authorities could result in tens of thousands of phone sales or telemarketer people being swept up and sentenced to decades in prison. Almost everything they do is totally illegal.

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