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Comment Better Priorities (Score 1) 33

Instead of all the hand wringing about future issues why not do things that really can be done right now to make life better. For example if our government announced a policy of economic punishment for any nation failing to arrest foreign hackers and turn them over to US courts we could eliminate boat loads of E-crimes against American citizens. Why should we tolerate Russia allowing pools of hackers dedicated to stealing American bank accounts or credit cards? Or how about a severe penalty for anyone not using a certain phone suffix for any call relating to sales so that we could totally shut down telemarketing. If we force the owners into bankruptcy for allowing just one call without that suffix we will kill off that industry which is 100% crooked. We won't even hear the phone ring as such companies would be electronically blocked before getting to our homes or cell phones. Of even greater importance we know that allowing coal to be used kills tens of thousands of Americans each year so how do we prioritize wrong doings when we allow the coal industry to murder hearts and lungs and poison our land and rivers? With all of these wrongs deliberately allowed to exist just how excited can I get over future issues with the net of things?

Comment JESUS!!!! (Score 1) 220

If anyone wanted to destroy the idea that we vote and elect officials in the US there is no better way to do it than to keep voting records secret. Maybe they can claim it as a national security issue due to the theory that if the public ever figured out what is really going on there would be massive riots across the entire nation. It takes a very dumb official to try and suppress this information.

Comment Rampant Crime (Score -1, Troll) 68

Did the FBI notice the rampant lack of performance as the Bush administration tried to kill off the people on New Orleans by deliberate neglect? If ever there was a crime against humanity the mass murder of citizens by the neglect of the Bush administration is a superb example.

Comment My Head Just Aches (Score 1) 95

I must say that it makes me want to go rabid when i talk to some recent college or high school graduates. They have absolutely no clue as to the degree to which they are profoundly uneducated. Try this simple question : If I mention to you a triangle with the long side being five inches and one side being three inches and the other four inches what subject am I likely talking about and what name would you associate with such a triangle. Now that question would be fair of any B grade ninth grade student. But chances are you won't see most college grads being able to deal with the question. Then ask them what the area of the 3,4,5 triangle is. They should be able to answer quickly without using a pencil or calculator. If they are English speaking ask them about Shakespeare's opinions of Samuel Johnson and watch the comedy that follows being that they were not contemporaries with Shakespeare passing before Johnson was cogent. And then if you really want to suffer some will not be able to tell you what position George Washington filled during the CIVIL WAR.

Comment Re:Big coal also wanted him dead (Score 1) 111

The problem is that the republican party houses the lunatic fringe rather than cursing them like the dogs they truly are. As to whether it is from cult like off shoots of legitimate Christian churches or the loonie tune libertarians the republican party needs to oust these people. If you sleep with dogs you wake up with fleas or more directly if a candidate has a base filled with nut jobs then that candidate will have to keep those nut jobs happy to keep his position. That makes that candidate a dangerous person. So why do I say libertarians are nuts? They fir right in with the whacko church cults. They accepr of faith a notion that a public will be orderly without being governed. It has never, ever, been tried and there is zero evidence that anything other than slaughter or chaos would follow a libertarian take over whether by philosophy or force of arms. The same is true of the notion of capitalism or a free market society. No society of any kind has ever tried being capitalistic or operating a free market. So there is zero evidence that it could work. Some markets are a bit more free than others but no free market can exist and will never exist. So these types of nuts who speculate on the joys of untested notions belong right next to the drink the Cool Aide churches and libertarians. Strip away the loonie Christians, the libertarians and the capitalist Aynn Rand worshipers and how many republicans are left?

Comment Begging Human Attention (Score 1) 269

At a certain point the large sum of data is so great that studying the data becomes next to impossible. Even with programs doing the searching and compiling a report for the end user so many reports may be generated that an agency drowns in the data. For example suppose you were hunting a serial killer and you wanted to run a search of all car owners within a ten block radius of the kill site. Then you do that with two other kill sites in which the killer seems likely to be the same. Then you filter it all and find a car owner who was in all three ten block radii and discern that you have 1,000 people who parked near all three kill sites near the hour of the killings. You still have a monumental problem in investigating 1,000 possibilities and also have the possibility that the killer might have used a bus or taxi or walked to one of the kill sites. The cost of investigating all of the possibilities becomes oppressive. Yet if the killer continues his crimes and you have six or nine locations to work with you may well be able to catch the jerk. But it may be that all of the killings take place over a twenty year span. So if you have the capacity to store, long term, all of the data then you may well have a very good tool to sweep up the killer and perhaps at that point with great ease. The other more common item that might be detected is a person living well beyond their reported income for decades who has no believable explanation for where the money comes from. Crimes against the IRS or crimes against employers might be readily detected by digesting large and long lasting data compilations.

Comment Not Enough (Score 1) 182

Commercial, passenger, aviation has cost issues for just about everything. WiFi might be easier to cost control than most other items but maybe the real answer is to have a lot less passenger aviation. Companies paying to fly people all about on business does not bode well for the cost of the product to the buyer.

Comment Totally Unprepared (Score 1) 311

Yes, automation will replace all human employment and it is coming at us a rocket like speeds. So naturally society is avoiding even considering changing things to prevent suffering at about the same level as not confronting global warming. The cost of human labor is no longer a factor. Now we can argue over whether Chinese robots out work American robots. The nation with the best automation wins all bets.

Comment Already Proven (Score 1) 127

In Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. we could absolutely see lawn sprinklers increasing rainfall on many day before they regulated lawn sprinkling. Ft. Lauderdale gets way too much rain as it is. But on certain days it was almost a joke among us to watch as we turned on our sprinklers. A few years ago we did not have grass that would do well at all with our heat and near tropical equator type of sunlight. In spring or summer the air would often turn dead still and we would swelter. If the sprinklers were not turned on and left on the lawns would burn up and turn brown. So we ran the sprinklers long and hard at the hot times of day. In order to get some water to the roots of the grass we might start sprinkling at 8 am and keep right on until 3 pm. With almost every home doing that the amount of water vapor rising was dramatic and sort of visible, By afternoon the dark clouds would start to form and then we would get intense thunder storms. It is not unusual for south Florida to get more rain in a few hours than some states do in an entire year. Obviously hot weather is required for this process to do much good. By the way in Ft. Lauderdale we hit water at about four feet and sprinkler supply lines usually were about 120 feet deep so that people were not pumping city water for their lawns although a few people with big check books did use city water for lawns.

Comment Truth Requires Brutal Punishment (Score 1) 286

OK so someone let the light shine in and now society feels he must be squashed. We are supposed to be all about "The truth shall set you free.". Yet it seems we are perverted enough as a nation to want to punish people for revealing the truth. A certain corporal Manning leaps to mind. We owe a great debt to people who refuse to be part of illicit behaviors such as torturing people or even risking their mates lives and health by cheating in marriage. Be right and never be covert!

Comment Can't Split Them Into Groups (Score 1) 392

There are two reasons for this that should be assigned to groups of users. First we have the too dumb to breath group that can't figure out how to use simple programs. We'll just call them the DUMMIES. The second group we can call The BRIBED. Now I can't be certain if the BRIBED are a better or worse GROUP than the DUMMIES. And then we come to the worst possible notion. A DUMMY may also be taking bribes. I will say that programs for composing music are more difficult in Linux than on Windows, puke, machines. But as far as office programs Linux based programs beat anything that Windows can support.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 682

OK! Let's go the the Army manuals. "The purpose of a rifle is to support a gun". Rifles and side arms are not really considered as attack weapons. Here is the military logic. Protect your guns as guns level civilization. Buildings, entire populations, power stations tanks and heavy artillery can all be taken out by guns. But rifles and side arms can only take out soldiers. The reason that is important is that other groups can join in and the number of people you are fighting can double or triple in a day's time. But when you wage war if you wipe out everything your enemy will have no food, no clean water, no supplies at all and enemy soldiers quickly understand that there will be no family or town to return to even if they win somehow. In the early 1930s war from the sky became more potent. The US decided at that time that population bombing was the way to go. Destroy all elements of civilization and destroy the public such that the public can not support war directly or indirectly. Destroy the moral of the enemy by making it plain that anything or any person that they loved would be blown off the face of the earth. That is our war policy. However in limited conflicts where all out war is not the goal our tactics are more restrained. for example in Iraq we eliminated their electrical supply, their water supply, and food delivery as well as shutting down rail, road and port traffic such that business could not continue. But we did not deliberately target the population itself.

Comment More Than Stolen Cars (Score 0) 258

How about a guy that never pays his child support but parks outside a strip joint five nights a week? Don't you want the ability to arrest him and show the courts where his money is spent? People do not want their own wrong doing exposed. And frankly it should be. I am seeing deep background checks done for trivial jobs such as fast food workers. A tiny incident fifteen years ago can and will be a reason not to hire them. So we see a five dollar petty theft charge from a 17 year old blocking them for life from numerous jobs yet we see real animals who violate people every which way but are never arrested employed at the highest levels. How about the girl that falsely accused the Duke sports team of rape? She won't have trouble with a job application although she ruined those guys lives. She is beyond civil law as she hasn't a penny and is law suit proof. Yet the job applications only ask if you were ever arrested. Even if charges were dropped or you are found not guilty your job application is auto rejected as soon as you check yes. So maybe we should all be aware of her identity and what she did so that she can suffer the same fate as the innocent young men she accused.

Comment Re:"growing focus on data centers' water use" (Score 1) 96

Water chillers do use large amounts of water. The usual method of chilling is a baffled tower that sprays or drops large amounts of water into a partial vacuum to cause evaporation. You see these in industrial air conditioning systems frequently. The water from the tower is then piped to a freon chiller which chills water that is in a closed loop down to about 50 degrees F. and then that water is piped through the building into coils that use fans to blow air through the chilled coils which cool rooms within buildings. Some of these towers can use thousands of gallons a day of water. Direct cooling into a bay will raise the temperature of the bay. That is usually a banned practice. A better method in many places would to pump up deep ocean water which is quite cold compared to surface water. Differentials in disolved solids can actually cause a deep pipe inlet to be self pumping to the surface.

Real Programs don't use shared text. Otherwise, how can they use functions for scratch space after they are finished calling them?