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Comment: Re:Talk versus Action (Score 1) 184

by Jim Sadler (#49146571) Attached to: Facebook Puts Users On Suicide Watch
I doubt that family or friends should attempt to evaluate a depressed person. Getting professional help including appropriate medications and a good, controlled environment are key in many cases. Not only is suicide an issue but also many homicides flow from depression. For example numerous drunk drivers who end up in fatal wrecks are drunk due to underlying depression.

Comment: Re:"You matter to us" (Score 1) 184

by Jim Sadler (#49146513) Attached to: Facebook Puts Users On Suicide Watch
Well an anti suicide effort may be laudable but there is an assumption that there is some decent place for people to get help once the suicide is prevented. In many areas in the US there is worse than zero help available. By that I mean that if one gets a referral to a public clinic they may have workers of such low quality or workers who are strangled by lack of money and options for clients that the supposed help is worse than no help at all. We also have politicians that are making things worse as best they can. For example the Sheriff of West Palm beach has been on TV telling the public never to give money to beggars. After all the poor and starving hurt tourism. Instead the public is told to donate to a fund set up by the county. Yet those funds do not shelter the poor and many are disqualified from any form of help as they do not fit into the "program". But the poor simply refuse to die. They will steal, rob or do whatever it takes to stay alive. At the end of the social transaction what is real is that the system makes criminals of the poor. Then once swallowed into the belly of the beast in our jails they receive little or no help at all and are released onto the streets with some new crime skills learned from other inmates. In the end we can draw two conclusions. One is that the system is spastic and does things that it does not intend to do. Or the other and also true conclusion is that the powers that be simply want the poor to be less visible and a large number of poor people can be hidden from view in the jails.

Comment: Both a Carrot and a Stick (Score 1) 243

by Jim Sadler (#49133243) Attached to: The Peculiar Economics of Developing New Antibiotics
We could also apply penalties to drug companies that fail to market effective, new drugs. For example confiscation of profits could be a penalty for drug companies that do not do work on less profitable drug development. So reward the ones that do as well as punish those that do not. Exceptions could be made for tiny companies that only sell one or two items to the public.

Comment: Political Bees (Score 1) 128

by Jim Sadler (#49131319) Attached to: Inventors Revolutionize Beekeeping
How will the notion of capitalism fair if the workers are deprived of the fruits of their labor? Will the bees fail to gather honey? How about supply and demand. As the bees are forced to labor to support humans as well as other bees the demand side goes way up but the supply side remains fixed. And with this new system is it a true trickle down, honey economy?

Comment: Great Idea (Score 1) 87

by Jim Sadler (#49126653) Attached to: Can Tracking Employees Improve Business?
Both with fellow employees and with the public there are numerous employees who slowly murder the companies they work for. Some have anger issues while others might include the personality of a cocky female who wants it known that she is tough to deal with. There are also employees who complain constantly to other employees. I have noticed that companies who struggle and simply can not give appropriate salaries and raises get really bitter clusters of employees who scheme and plot to avoid a smooth work output. Often there is great suspicion that the top management is taking all the money and secrecy about salaries and perks makes it all worse. I do approve of ferreting out negative employees and inviting them to leave the company and I do not like to have individuals issuing their opinions of other workers as those opinions are often biased. In many companies one can find a worker who works way to hard with a huge output being considered an enemy by other employees as they fear being measured as compared to that happy employee who is in high function.

Comment: Puffed Up Chests (Score 1) 317

by Jim Sadler (#49126579) Attached to: FedEx Won't Ship DIY Gunsmithing Machine
I have seen really lousy fathers make loud declarations about how much they love their kids. They are simply trying to gather a pinch of status from others in their herd. Fed Ex puffs up its chest and does something idiotic that they know the public will take as being socially responsible and concerned. It is a twisted attempt at free advertising. Obviously milling machines are sold to hobbyists every day and most will never be used to make a gun. So when did this all start? Back in the 1970s Fed Ex made a fortune with rapid delivery of phone sales checks and deliveries to the victims of telemarketers or phones salesmen. Usually they demanded the buyer send payment before delivery by overnight Fed Ex. The crooks did not use the US Mail due to policing abilities of the Post Office. Then the so called product was shipped. The companies lawyers knew that if an empty box was shipped the law had a better shot at prosecution. So instead of an empty box the buyer might find a piece of scrap wood or a rock in the package. So Fed Ex pulled in a lot of income in the initial overnight delivery of the checks and then collected another fee delivering the worthless package. Since the same addresses were used over and over again as the point of sale Fed Ex had to know they were working for con men and the federal law enforcement folks jumped in and considered shippers to be in conspiracy with the crooks. Eventually this has evolved to a point at which a company can be in trouble for actually shipping a good and useful product such as a small milling machine.

Comment: Re:I think it's more complicated than that ... (Score 1) 50

Thought and emotion absolutely can cause neurological changes. One great example is in savants who display radical abilities. With therapy some savants become more capable of living in the world. As they become more normal in daily function they start to lose their special abilities. Somehow they have managed to switch off energy to certain functions of the brain and directed all of their energy into very narrow abilities. Therapy can reverse that to some degree. Somehow savants have managed to redirect the neurology and chemical efforts of their nervous systems and block energies from going into other pathways in the brain. Some of that becomes patterned and sort of hard wired taking choice away from the savant.

Comment: Greek Fire (Score 1) 224

by Jim Sadler (#49114849) Attached to: 100 Years of Chemical Weapons
Greek Fire was an outstanding chemical weapon that goes back a couple of thousand years. Even gunpowder in its primitive form was useful in blinding the enemies of the Chinese very early on. Later they learned how to get more bang out of gunpowder and use it to deliver explosive charges or even rocks against an enemy.

Comment: Which Bulldozer? (Score 2) 421

by Jim Sadler (#49111409) Attached to: What If We Lost the Sky?
When we try to assess effects of altering the sky and put them beside the effects of allowing global warming it is rather like asking just how we would like to die and given only two choices. So which bulldozer would we like to run over us? Sadly the public seems to completely fail to understand the huge and quickly building consequences of global warming. Our social and political structures are just not adapted to the kinds of change required. One example would be planting bamboo forests of substantial size in the US. during the first five years of life bamboo soaks up co2 quite efficiently. Bamboo can grow super fast. A 30 foot tall bamboo can actually grow in a single month. Bamboo is also a very useful product when harvested. Now try to get your state to plant a really large bamboo forest and you will find out just how fast our laws and social customs prevent such an action. Try putting a law into effect that requires all roof tops to be snow white and watch the legal horrors begin. How about enforcing a must use a clothes line law for drying clothing which would save untold amounts of fossil fuel used by clothes dryers. Tesla cars stop a lot of oil products from being used and look at the wave of resistance against electric cars. The American public is its own worst enemy.

Comment: Maybe Not (Score 0) 290

by Jim Sadler (#49106659) Attached to: How Walking With Smartphones May Have Changed Pedestrian Etiquette
Keep in mind that battery is any unwanted touching and one can get real jail time or even prison time for battery. And if you decide to yank a phone or Ipad off of someone that can be taken as a major theft along with the battery. Of course you have the same privileges in law. If someone bumps into you you actually can cause them to be arrested. It is true that the courts will usually simply give them a fine but missing work for a trial and a pre trial hearing as well as posting bail and having to sign applications stating that you have been arrested for battery or assault are a real chiller and life changer. So instead of using your fists simply use the courts to achieve your means.

Comment: Designed To Be Wrong (Score 1, Insightful) 182

by Jim Sadler (#49102251) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Can Technology Improve the Judicial System?
Frankly the judicial system is not completely designed to achieve justice or find truth. Often the system exists to either create business or to enforce popular prejudices. For example no judge is dumb enough to actually believe the cops snagging someone under the excuse of a broken tail light or a car seeming to sway a bit. Cops use false charges to stop drivers and seek out felonies and their promotions and job security are tied to these tactics. The average traffic stop is not in reality a traffic stop at all but it is a fishing expedition and that is even truer at night when cops reason that good people are at home and creeps are out on the roads. On the other hand when a town gets short of money the mayor calls the cop shop and orders a lot of tickets be written to raise money for the towns expenses. And then there are other money grubbing tactics. One is sentencing a lot of people to enforced therapy at a public clinic and forcing them to pay a hefty fee for the therapy and a monthly probation fee on top of that. Wife slaps husband three times and husband responds and slaps back one time and the husband is sentenced to two years of weekly therapy at $60. per week plus $75. per month for probation. The prejudice is that the woman is not charged as she threw the first slap and three times at that whereas the cops prejudice is based on the fact that he can slap harder than his wife supposedly and therefore he gets busted, all the while the judge goes along with the ride knowing that the public clinic is so bad that it could not diagnose mustard on a ham sandwich but the city just collected 104 weeks multiplied by 60 dollars a week plus 24 months at $75 per month for probation. We are talking about big bucks folks. And a joint or walking a bit drunk can get you exactly that kind of sentence. In my area if you get caught sleeping on the beach three times you can be considered a felon and actually put in prison. In reality we have no justice system, no law and very little order and the order we do have is often the wrong kind.

Comment: We Survived (Score 1) 207

by Jim Sadler (#49100605) Attached to: Wired On 3-D Printers As Fraud Enablers
The copy machines did not drag us into the pit when they became common place. 3D printing is not a hazard at all with one exception. 3D printing will be a huge force in altering society in radical ways. The construction industry will be almost exterminated by 3D printing. Factory work will be vastly limited by this technology. BMW apparently already has a carbon fiber frame arriving on some of its cars and one can well imagine most of a car being created by 3D printing and robotic assembly. I wonder if anyone is having breakthroughs on 3D printing of fabric and clothing and shoes. The unemployment generated by 3d printing, automation, computers and robotics will rapidly replace almost all human labor. Boats are another item that will fall to 3D printing. The fact is that we will have no choice at all in replacing our economic and social systems, moral beliefs and customs as well. 3D printing may well cause the greatest social upheaval of all times. In the past five decades computers have changed our world big time. In the next three decades 3D printing will change our world more than computers ever have although computers did enable 3D printing.

Comment: A Balance Of Power (Score 2) 116

by Jim Sadler (#49088679) Attached to: The Disastrous Privacy Consequences of Canada's Anti-Terrorism Bill
In the US we have a balance of power that few people understand. We have an executive, a legislative, a judicial, and the fourth equal power which is the public and all have a defined limit to their powers. That is an upward limit as well as a downward limit. So the public is restrained by the Constitution just like any other part of the balance of powers. Electronic communications are new and unforeseen in our founders' eyes. Yet there should be no assumption at all that the public must yield some of their share of powers at all simply because something new comes along. In essence if the executive, the legislative, or the judicial system are not wide open to communications then the public has the right to privacy just as much as any branch or even the military or CIA has any right to secured communications. Or the government has the option to make all communications and data acquisition open to all of us without exception. The practical aspects of such a thing should not be a factor in a court ruling. Essentially the constitution is what it is and that could even include it being a mutual suicide pact. If a practical solution type of society was our goal we would be tossing people in the ovens and slaughtering anyone who made ripples in the pond or was to weak to supply all of their own needs. If little Johny shows up at the emergency room with a broken spine we try to do the best we can for little Johny. In a practical society we would simply shoot Johny in the head and toss his body in the city dump or use his corpse to feed the pigs. In other words you really do not want to live in a practical society as you just might be Johny one day.

Comment: He Was The Disease (Score -1, Troll) 132

by Jim Sadler (#49088201) Attached to: Resistant Bacterial Infection Outbreak At California Hospital
Ronald Reagan was the master virus who infected the nation with pseudo conservative, irrational bullshit including trickle down economics. He created a nation filled with looney tune militias and Ayn Rand gobbling sociotards who remain the greatest enemy of freedom and prosperity ever seen on this planet. We wonder how we have come to an era of terrorism when Ayn Rand makes a hero out of an architect who bombs a building when he feels it no longer represents his sense of art even though he does not own the building. And the right wing just gobbles it up much like a hog eating cow dung.

Comment: Real Hazard (Score 2) 51

Law enforcement has already reached a point at which many crimes must remain unpunished due to the economy of making arrests. There is already a situation in which only crimes that can generate money for the state are sought out. For example a drunk driver will pay stiff fines, be forced to make bail and often end up with mandatory therapy sessions with a county agency which charges a hefty fee week after week for months or years as well as a probation fee every month and states and counties may get a boost in federal funding for making such arrests. But there are other crimes that simply cost the state money so those arrests are sometimes avoided. But worse yet we have so many things considered crimes that many people are not aware they are committing a crime. These people can be leaned on by law enforcement to provide information or do things that they would not normally do. There are child welfare workers who get a call from the cops concerning a need to bash into a home and ask the child welfare worker to call in an address over a supposed complaint of a child being mistreated at the address. Armed with a bogus warrant the cops can gain sudden entry and search a home. This has gone on for decades. The child welfare workers need cooperation from the cops and are unusually willing to help generate such false warrants.

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