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Comment A Huge Impending Force (Score 1) 86

Imagine if the folks on Facebook bind together and decide to correct local injustices. For example, a restaurant owner is known to be rude and cruel to his employees. Imagine people on Facebook deciding that the restaurant would never be used by them, nor would any of their family members ever work there or even deliver supplies to that address. United social power can be a real scum squasher.

Comment Where Is the Sin? (Score 1) 162

People are entitled to have an opinion and share that opinion even if a party suffers loss due to that opinion. For example, I do not like Smith and Wesson pistols. They do not feel right in my hand and they almost feel like junk to me. I prefer Taurus or Colt pistols. If I just happen to own stock in Colt does that make me liable? Heck, I also dislike the republican party. Crimes by the republican party define it as an ongoing criminal enterprise in my opinion. So can they sue me?

Comment Learn To Love It! (Score 1) 346

Terrorism may be the last reason we need deep surveillance. Look at what happens when we have video of cops in action. Suddenly it becomes evident that much of the negative information that we have had in the past was true about cops activities. Surveillance can increase our freedoms. I shudder to think how much crime can be detected if we really start applying technology to our daily lives. For example, people lie to get medical and life insurance and they even lie to their doctors. What if your doctor could easily view all the groceries you or your family purchases. The dope industry could also take a huge hit if electronic money becomes the standard. It becomes hard to buy dope as it shows as a strange expense on your debit or credit card, Tax evasion could be eliminated. Also, salaries could be scanned as a public service as some employers cheat on payrolls. And imagine car insurance if your actions while driving are recorded and automatically notify your insurance agency of speeding, running red lights, or mileage other than what you report at purchase time. Technology could eliminate most of the crime in America if we encourage surveillance and data mining for law enforcement. Even a requirement to carry a good, national ID that would trigger alerts if a person did not have a valid identity or failed to have their card with them at all times. How about auto facial recognition at ATM machines? The wrong person could never make a withdrawal. This issue is not a one- way issue. Our freedom could actually increase due to surveillance and data analysis. Perhaps we should embrace rather than resist it.

Comment poor Criminals! (Score 1) 158

What's a criminal to do! Technology is just making it so difficult to get away with crimes. But you can be that burglars and armed robbers will like it. When crooks have no way to transfer or hold money they tend to resort to either hiding it in a suitcase of burying it in the ground. There are certain motels in Florida that have always catered to guys with money in suitcases. You know how it is. You get rich in New Jersey and when it gets too hot with the cops you head for Florida and try to live in a motel that has extra security as that million bucks in your suitcase does make you a target. And there are also people with suitcases full of cash waiting for their dope to be delivered as well. Making it more difficult to hide money or wealth is a pretty wonderful goal.

Comment One By One (Score 2) 566

If he goes to the PD and files a complaint with the recorded evidence the PD has no choice other than writing a ticket for every violation. It is handy for bicyclists to know this as with a cam mounted on the handlebars, one can get the plate number of every car that tries to pass you in the same lane or in a no passing zone.

Comment Arrest A Hero! (Score 2) 198

What a misuse of government power and tax dollars. Give the man a freedom award, not an arrest. This is why secrecy is such a mess. We need a government that is wide open with a total release of all information to our public. In regard to Snowden, the US government is the terrorist.

Comment What To Do? (Score 1) 133

The circumstance appears to be that we can advance technology faster than we can advance technology to secure the products of progress. So how do we get security out front, instead of releasing devices and then trying to figure out how to secure them? I suggest that part of the problem rests in having that human link to the drones. If we used technology similar to what exists in the Cruise missiles it becomes a launch it and leave it alone type of device instead of needing humans to continue its mission.

Comment Should Be Edited as False (Score 1) 571

None of the information was labeled as classified or classified when she received it. It later became classified. Prior to being classified, she could have put it on TV for all the world to see without breaking any rules or laws. Further, most of the information was distributed throughout the department so that hundreds of employees read the so-called classified information. It seems that people like the CIA and the military posted the information and forgot to control or label its release. Her enemies are trying to create another false issue just as they did with Obama's birth certificates. The right wing is ultra dangerous and are trying to overthrow the US government.

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