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Submission + - 2 Weeks Later: Reddit's April Fools Day Content is Still Going Strong

Jhyrryl writes: On April 1st, Reddit released their April Fools Day joke alongside the rest of the Internet. Unlike all the others, /r/thebutton is still going strong. What happens when you push The Button? Within that subreddit only, your account acquires a piece of flair; a colored dot that displays the number of seconds that had passed between your pushing, and the previous push. Over 756,000 accounts have participated in the joke / social experiment by pressing The Button, while countless others refuse to press it or wait patiently to acquire a flair color of their choosing. The Button has spawned almost 2 dozen religious subreddits and continues to make the news in mainstream media outlets. Numerous sources of raw data have allowed for a variety of analytical tools that monitor the button, including mobile apps and browser extensions.

Submission + - Replacement for iGoogle?

Jhyrryl writes: I've been using iGoogle as my browser's home page for about as long as it's been available. I don't have a lot of gadgets on my page, but the ones I do have (including Slashdot!) I really like having all together along with access to news, mail, search, maps, and everything else I do through Google. What are some other alternatives for putting all of my information tools together in a single access point?

Comment Synapses Don't Empower Memory (Score 1) 33 33

...replicates how the human brain works, in that each "neurosynaptic core" has its own memory ("synapses")...

Synapses are the space between neurons wherein chemical interactions communicate impulses from one neuron to another. They have nothing to do with memory, of which we are currently aware.

Comment Would Require Too Many Union Reps (Score 1) 467 467

The problem that I see is that the vast majority of tech workers are not employed by large corporations; they work for small and medium-sized companies and often fill one-off positions. While it could be possible for the engineers at the big corporations to unionize, for the unions to have enough reps to negotiate with all of those small businesses on behalf of the tech workers, would probably be cost prohibitive.

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