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Journal Journal: Segway creating thinking mechanoid robots

Yahoo! is running a story from Space.com on how Segway is working with DARPA to create smarter and better robots that can be sent in lieu of humans. I would pay big money to see robots and humans play 'soccer' together! These have some pretty serious applications down the line from being full automatons to human controlled probes, much like those Dr. Ballard uses undersea.

Journal Journal: Jacket Grows From Living Tissue

I have seen some pretty bizarre performance art, being associated with the AFM for a while. But I haven't seen anything compared to the story running on Wired.com today. They are running a story about "victimless"" leather jackets being created in Austrailia. There is also a woman named Orlan who is using said technology combined with plastic surgery to attain quintessential beauty modeled after the classic greats. Now this is something pushing the bounds of scientific and medical research ethics.

Journal Journal: Intelligent Designer Theorem vs. Darwinism

When I was a kid in grammar and jr. high, I remember the gigantic debate 'they' were always having about Creationism vs. Evolution, and how children should not be taught about Darwin's theories. They were some pretty fierce debates in the 70's. So it seems that they continue on today. Wired News ran an article today about the 'new' push from the Discovery Institute to introduce and teach the Intelligent Designer theory. Seems to me this is just 21st Century Creationism. With states (Kansas) banning the teaching of Darwinism, I find myself concerned for the future of biological science and frontiers.

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