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Comment: News=Where to find drugs (Score 1) 86

by Jharish (#48368127) Attached to: After Silk Road 2.0 Shutdown, Rival Dark Net Markets Grow Quickly

I really enjoy the fact that the 'news' tells us where to go to buy our drugs now that Silk Road is down again. And reading the comments told me which top competitors to look for as well. Thanks 'the news'. And thanks Slashdot. Thanks to you I no longer have to face the world sober.

Comment: I hate when they go for the lowest hanging fruit (Score 1) 353

by Jharish (#47618713) Attached to: Microsoft Tip Leads To Child Porn Arrest In Pennsylvania

The big deal here is that we've blown the crime of child porn out of proportion. Thanks to American minimum sentencing laws, anyone caught LOOKING at child porn will be put away for longer than if they murdered the child. You'd have to murder multiple people to get put away longer than someone who is caught MAKING child porn.

Also, open note to Google, MS and everyone else thinking they can get press on this. Please IMPRESS me by showing off something way more drastic like stopping a gang murder or preventing a terrorist attack. Those guys are violent and hard to go after and tend to like vengeance which makes it much more impressive than snagging some nerdy child porn consumer.

Also, as someone who was subjected to the kinds of child abuse these films portray, being molested as a child hasn't destroyed my life or caused deep damage. I'm extremely happy with how things turned out and the only thing is that I'm a bit more kinky than average because I have 10-15 more years of sexual experience than most people thanks to getting started around the age of 3.

In no way am I advocating it, but we should seriously consider why we think murder isn't as important as possessing child porn?

Comment: Fantasy Analysis (Score 1) 230

by Jharish (#46704045) Attached to: Snowden: NSA Spied On Human Rights Workers

One of the tools of the psychohistory discipline is a 'fantasy analysis' where you take out positive and negative adjectives and simply rely on verbs and nouns to reveal the thoughscape of the writer/speaker.

When someone says 'We're not going to war, we are not killing women and children' it means that they are actually thinking about war and killing women and children.

When I see 'We're not making up Nightmare Scenarios' I get REALLY scared because now I think the NSA also has a list of every type of minority and a scenario to eliminate them.

Comment: Hate is not a religious freedom worth protecting (Score 3, Insightful) 917

by Jharish (#46340659) Attached to: Apple Urges Arizona Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Legislation

I'm all for religious freedom, but institutionalizing the hatred of religious zealots who tend to ruin religion for everyone else seems a very inhuman thing to do.

Next they can pass laws saying that religious freedom can also include suicide bombing.

Comment: Re:For once Bill Gates is right (Score 5, Insightful) 174

by Jharish (#44633317) Attached to: Altruistic, Or the Ultimate In Cynicism?

I've never really 'liked' Bill Gates, but I have admired the fact that he's a tycoon who got to where he is by not exploiting third world non-white people as most other billionaires do.

If you think about it, the 'shady but successful business practices' really only screwed other rich white people and didn't enslave entire third world countries and rape their resources like most other non-tech billionaires. For that, I see BG as an evolutionary step forward in the ecosystem of greedy business men.

+ - SPAM:

Submitted by lalitjoshi1989
lalitjoshi1989 (3006449) writes "The apex court on Wednesday refused to grant interim stay on Bombay High Court verdict that declared the BCCI's two-member probe panel “illegal” and “unconstitutional.”

A bench of justices A K Patnaik and J S Khehar, however, agreed to hear Board of Control for Cricket in India's (BCCI) petition challenging the high court's judgement and issued notice on its plea.

The bench asked Cricket Association of Bihar, on whose plea the high court had delivered its verdict, to file its response on BCCI's petition within two weeks and posted the matter for hearing on August 29.

For more details please [spam URL stripped]"

Link to Original Source

+ - That Is, Maybe They're Communicating Via A Dial-in Modem Or Category 5 Cabling, ->

Submitted by ramirohansen
ramirohansen (3009105) writes "The types of the door controllers differs in terms of how many card reader they can handle, and the onboard applications are introduced that allow these computers to talk. Datalink Protocols Layer 2 of the OSI reference model is where other, whether on a network, intranet, or the Internet. Electronic Visual Information Display System EVIDS The EVIDS is used to provide Flights Arrival/Departure Times, display the as Proximity 125 KHZ , the smart cards using the 13. This is useful not only in your organization’s network, but also which make it suitable for its application, whether it is indoor or outdoor, and the required size of the screen."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Boycott? (Score 0) 764

by Jharish (#34709698) Attached to: Amazon Censorship Expands

I've been attempting to boycott Amazon for stuff like this but I simply can't help myself over how convenient it's become not to have to spend several hours a week shopping. I would seriously like to have input into their decisions and would like alternatives to use that are better than Amazon in terms on not censoring and offering such a wide selection of stuff available for free delivery.

+ - Server Room and Data Center Inventory?

Submitted by Jharish
Jharish (101858) writes "Ask Slashdot: I've been managing server rooms and data centers for over a decade now and I've been finding that I'm unable to find one good "app to bind them all" so I'm curious what Slashdot readers do for inventory control, resource management and so forth. Essentially, I've been keeping spreadsheets as well as using Cacti and/or Zabbix to monitor. But what I'm looking for is something that sort of rolls together everything. I have monitoring, inventory control and the ability to generate quick reports like how many outages per machine or how many support tickets per machine. I'd even like to be able to pull up a monitor to show me how many VMs are running on any host and for how long. None of the monitoring OSS projects seem to be able to do that that I know of. (Maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing) How do others manage their server resources?"

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?