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Comment: Re:Stone Age diet ? he wants to live all 20 years? (Score 1) 441

by JezmundBerserker (#48661911) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years
Are you a doctor? you state with seeming authority that puberty is extremely rare under 10... stating "10 per year on the whole planet"? I'm not a doctor so maybe I don't understand female biology enough, but I was under the impression that a woman getting her period is the beginning of her fertile years... if this is true then I married one of your 1 in 10 women on the planet as my ex-wife got her period in the 3rd grade (8-9 years old). Addtionally my girlfriend's daughter just got her period at 11, which is surprisingly close to your extremely rare 10 year old proclamation.

Being that I'm a slashdot reader the sample size of female humans I've been exposed to is pretty small... so am I off on this?.

Comment: I hope Nye alters his presence in this debate away (Score 1) 593

by JezmundBerserker (#46153771) Attached to: Watch Bill Nye and Ken Ham Clash Over Creationism Live
My hope is that Nye sides steps the idea of debating Creationism v. Evolution and starts a dialog with Ham about the difference between religion and science. That one of these belongs in a philosophy class and the other belongs in a science class. As other people have noted above there is no way Nye (the guy who is logically and rationally right in my eyes) can win a debate with this guy to the point where anyone who supports Ham will change their mind about Creationism; however maybe he can deflect the conversation to be actually useful. I think the reality is what Danathar posted above said. That.. "You can't rationally argue somebody out of a position they didn't rationally get into." Which I'm sure is all of Ham's section..

Comment: Re:Doesn't matter (Score 1) 293

by JezmundBerserker (#43989425) Attached to: <em>Pandora's Promise</em> and the Problem of "Solutionism"

Um... okay. :P

What you said here: "If I am a bank making a loan what do I care about non-monetary gains?" is what the OP is talking about.

I think the logical conclusion you illustrate in your original post only covers the monetary analysis that a bank might make (as in how much do we profit from this) ..and let me see if I can quote you on that... yep: "Bye bye profitability projections".

That's the only thing a bank cares about and that's fine it's what their supposed to do. I think, the OP is just trying to say that there are more important things to consider, things that can't be easily monetized. That's why bankers shouldn't be the final decision point on this IF what the summary claims is true, that nuclear power can prevent "the ravages of climate disruption".

Comment: Without having RTA..could it be that... (Score 1) 162

by JezmundBerserker (#25688819) Attached to: Telco Appeals Minnesota City's Fiber-Optic Win
... the telco doesn't want the city to build the network infrastructure because in the long run the telco will have to maintain it? I presume that when a telco has the contract for the city they are under contract to maintain the lines? Having said that, maybe TDS knows that it will cost them money to maintain a non-profitable network and they are suing because they don't want to be forced into it from the city. Or I dunno, could be for profit too.

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