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Comment: Re:obligatory (Score 1) 140

by Jessta (#35041972) Attached to: Malaysia Releases Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

Life is a self correcting web, fuck it up and a few species die, the rest quickly adapt.
You put pressure on a species and it adapts..or it dies out and another species gets a chance to adapt.

With all the plastics we're dumping in the sea, it probably won't take long for species to adapt to either digest it, filter it out, or have some way of ridding themselves of it.

Comment: Re:Deleting does no good (Score 1) 199

by Jessta (#31495888) Attached to: MySpace To Sell User Data

Yep, this idea has been had many times. FOAF is the most popular.

But freedom is a hard sell.The reason myspace and facebook etc. get such large users bases is specifically related to the walled garden way they operate. If I get a myspace account then if it to be useful I have to make all my friends get myspace accounts too. If they could follow what I was doing without getting such an account then they probably wouldn't bother.

Comment: Deleting does no good (Score 4, Insightful) 199

by Jessta (#31495246) Attached to: MySpace To Sell User Data

I don't think deleting your Myspace account will do anything. They already have your data and you already agreed to allow them to redistribute it, just because you delete your account doesn't mean they have to delete your data. Facebook has the same agreement and will get to selling your data to the highest bidder sooner or later.

It's amazing that people will trade the labours of their mind for mere web hosting.

Comment: Just maths ey? (Score 1) 502

by Jessta (#31268448) Attached to: Triumph of the Cyborg Composer

Just maths ey?
Yeah, because maths is so easy. Being a great mathematician is no where near as awesome as being a great composer. :P

Human beings are great at pattern matching, it's what we do, it's all that we do. We aren't special.

The sooner we get used to that the less time and effort we'll waste fighting over stupid things.

- jessta

Comment: bot net (Score 1) 344

by Jessta (#30875056) Attached to: Crazy Firewall Log Activity — What Does It Mean?

My guess is that it's a bot net becoming active.
The countries with higher traffic during that period are countries that are widely known to have high bot net activity they are also more likely to have server bot net activity, which is why they don't stripe like the over countries.

The stripes are likely day/night where infected PCs are turned off when not in use.

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