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Comment: Measuring cost instead of profit. (Score 1) 327

by JerseyTom (#42232935) Attached to: Nationwide Google Fiber Deployment Would Cost $140 Billion

This report measures the wrong thing. If GF is profitable purely by itself (no accounting tricks, no assumptions about how much additional ad revenue could be generated, as son on), then the investment would be justifiable no matter the cost.

Also, since Google has released zero actual cost numbers, this is making guesses based on how Time Warner or other highly inefficient companies operate. Why do that?

+ - Conferences - Are Smaller Better?-> 2

Submitted by
Bandman writes "Tom Limoncelli, author of 'The Practice of System and Network Administration', discusses how difficult it is for geeks to build real-life communities if you live outside of a couple high-density tech-oriented areas.

The solution he has in mind are regional conferences devoted to specific topics. He's going to be speaking at the NJ-based PICC'11, but even long-running events like PAX started as a small conference meant to build community.

Having a small group of organizers dedicated to building a local community seems to be more economical for everyone involved, and leads to events where everyone can take a bigger part in the process."

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Comment: Re:I'm sorry, why should we care? (Score 1) 246

by JerseyTom (#34655306) Attached to: 10 Dos and Don'ts To Make Sysadmins' Lives Easier

You sound like one of those people that piss all over the public bathroom floor and say, "ha! it's someone's job to clean it up! why should I care!" (since you made the janitorial analogy, I thought I'd complete it)

The biggest change in business in the last 10 years is the realization that IT is not a "cost to be reduced" but the driver of innovation that should be invested in, respected, and optimized.

Comment: Re:What does Google need with a building? (Score 1) 87

by JerseyTom (#34444842) Attached to: Google Buys Manhattan Office/Telecom Hub

Those advertisements don't sell themselves. Google has a very large salesforce. Since NYC is the center of the universe for advertising (think "Madison Avenue") and magazine publishing (name just about any magazine) it is obvious that Google has a large salesforce there.

Google already rents a large part of that building and has been quoted as saying there are at leaset 2000 employees there. It's cheaper to own then rent.


Jaguar's Hybrid Jet-Powered Concept Car 334

Posted by kdawson
from the do-want dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Jaguar has developed a hybrid car that runs on gas turbines. The range extended vehicle usually uses four electric motors (one on each wheel) plus a lithium-ion battery pack for propulsion, but can achieve a performance boost from a pair of gas turbines mounted in the rear. Cnet UK reports the car can do 0-60 mph in 3.4 sec. (and 50-90 mph in 2.3 sec.) and reach 205 mph while emitting less CO2 than a Toyota Prius."
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Micro-Transactions Coming To Team Fortress 2 Via Steam Wallet 161

Posted by Soulskill
from the how-many-hats-can-you-get-for-a-dollar dept.
whoop writes "Valve has announced that Team Fortress 2 will be getting a new Mann Co. Store to buy trinkets with real money through a service called Steam Wallet. TF2 is the first game to use this new Steam Wallet, but the money can be spent on anything in Steam, including full games. This would open them up to featuring gift cards, micro-transaction games, and more." PC Gamer has an interview with Valve's Robin Walker about why they're doing this. Walker says everything they're selling will still be obtainable by playing the game, other than a few cosmetic items.

+ - Power Outage: A true test for Ganeti->

Submitted by JerseyTom
JerseyTom (16722) writes "Ganeti is open source virtualization's biggest secret. Migrate a running VM from one physical machine to another is easy with Ganeti. It scales bigger with each release. Ganeti 2.x is plug-in based and includes plugins that lets you manage Xen or KVM VMs; storage plugins include DRBD, and flat-file (no SAN required!). More plug-ins on their way. A small but growing community is starting to use Ganeti for more and more advanced projects. Lance Albertson recently reported his Ganeti success story; after a power outage he watched "this system recover everything automatically"."
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+ - Send a Valentine's Day card to your system admin?->

Submitted by JerseyTom
JerseyTom (16722) writes "Sure, there's plenty of jokes about the "office IT guy" that everyone hates, but the truth is that the majority of us are respected and appreciated. The organizers of a system administrators conference in New Jersey are encouraging people to send a Valentine's Day card to their system administrator. Time to show your SA some love?"
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Comment: Why does Slashdot accept articles like this? (Score 2, Insightful) 171

by JerseyTom (#27464227) Attached to: Chrome EULA Reserves the Right To Filter Your Web

What a troll!

Of COURSE they reserve the right otherwise they couldn't off anti-virus and anti-phishing features. Plus, it is open source so you can certainly build your own binary and remove any features you want... I guess you want your credit card stolen?

Why does Slashdot even accept posts like this?

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