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Comment Re:Nice (Score 4, Interesting) 719 719

Oh please, you just sound like a retard who knows nothing outside of the US when making statements like that. And the focus on "race" is also a typical US thing. What about a female president or a gay one or even an atheist one?

Belgium has a gay prime minister who is the son of two Italian immigrants.
Germany has a female chancellor.
Great Britain had a female prime minister decades ago.
I can't count the number of countries that have atheist prime ministers/presidents.

There a dozens of other examples if you care to search for them. None of which make those leaders eligible for a Nobel Peace prize.

Yeah but the US president deserves a nobel peace prize just because he's black? What an achievement!


Comment Re:I don't want a combination fridge/TV set (Score 1) 163 163

Hey, I'd love a TV / microwave combo! It would take up about the space of an old CRT, so it would be "compatible" with my old furniture!

Coming to think of it. A TV / mini-fridge combo would be awesome too.

Does anyone know if someone makes those?

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