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Comment: Re:Maybe (Score 1) 225

by JernejL (#31407908) Attached to: Game Devs Only Use PhysX For the Money, Says AMD
Except that PAL - Physics Abstraction Layer contains some flawed and bugged support for half the physics engines it supports. And even those only support ancient old versions, the pal benchmarks are pretty much leaning towards bullet, you can see for yourself which engine support is given most work there. If you cant see that pal favorizes bullet on purpose you are blind.

Comment: Re:Blackhole all of Russia (Score 1) 140

by JernejL (#27104795) Attached to: Shaming Russia Into Action On Cyber Crime
USA, south american goverments, even western european.. they are all "not cooperating much" when a private website is struck by a DDoS, all you will get is an "automated photocopy response" that does nothing, if every ISP had a CERT team which HAD TO cooperate with abuse reports, DDoS would be likely a thing of the past.

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