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Comment Re: Hope for whom... the customer? (Score 1) 117

No company ever comes in spending more, whether it be on cleanliness or safety. Regulation is the only way to prevent a race to the bottom.

Yes. I too am confident that without regulation we'd all be stuck driving Yugos to work, living in slumlord-owned apartment blocks which leak when it rains and catch fire nightly, and subsisting on flavorless gruel. Competition could never bring us safe cars, pleasant housing, organic food, or usable taxi services, and people running away from the disaster scene that we call the regulated taxi industry are clearly insane or berserk.

Comment Re:I don't do "social events" (Score 1) 136

I remember an occasion back when phones were first becoming popular, when I was at a hamburger stand and there were five girls in a nearby booth. Four of them were talking on the phone, and the other was sitting looking incredibly bored. It really struck me at the time - why go out with friends and spend the time yakking on the phone?

Comment Re: Are you a farmer (Score 2) 687

I was at OWS, and there had met a man who now is part of an anarcho-communist farm (which doesnt mean there are no rules or enforcement, but that the members all share in creating the rules, and holding equal standing with other members). This farm is within a half hour drive from New York City, where most of the collective members lived prior to the farm. They raise plants and meat to eat, trade, and sell as needed, and have other skills which they work share, and hire out when here is something they need which they cannot gain in the more broad context of capitalist society. The farm has been in opperation for multiple years now.

Furthermore, as regards Anarchists, there is no ban on using force ( see Spanish Civil War where Anarchists held Barcelona, or the Zapatista movement in Southern Mexico where there has been sucessful active militant resistance to the Mexican National military for almost two decades despite the best efforts of the Mexican government to murder anyone they think are "leading" the movement. There is quite the robust mechanism for widespread collective decision making in S. mexico as well)

Comment approved discussion topics (Score 3, Insightful) 141

The Central Committee has, however, approved and recommended the following:

  • How to get elected with fire bombs and terror scares.
  • How to co-govern with former-KGB and organized crime.
  • How to take territory back from former provinces.
  • How to shoot down airliners.
  • How to hate on Company of Heroes 2.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 248

There are alternative ways to fund research programs for things that benefit humanity, programs that don't necessarily mean spending quite as much cash on steel, rocket fuel, and other consumables. If all you want is technological ROI, landing on the moon (again) is not the best way to get it.

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