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Comment: Published materials are not underground... (Score 0) 71

by Jeremy Gillespie (#48257651) Attached to: 2600 Profiled: "A Print Magazine For Hackers"
Does anyone really think that people are communicating underground hacking techniques by publishing material that is available to anyone for a few dollars? That makes it no longer underground. It's no longer a secret The manufacturers can fix these issues, since now, EVERYone knows about them. It's like saying zero day patching is a hacking window. No, the issue was there before hand, but now everyone know about it.

Comment: Facts vs Stereotypes (Score 1) 435

by Jeremy Gillespie (#47261833) Attached to: Yahoo's Diversity Record Is Almost As Bad As Google's
Can anyone please go to any college university and look at the class make up in a well balanced school and report back what THAT looks like, then compare it to what is in the work force? I'm sure even requesting data from staffing agencies, who house probably more resumes than anyone else, would yield the best unbiased results of people seeking employment. Since all the white males are -clearly- employed then they should have a minority in something like a recruiter's pool of applicants. Right?...right?!...Come on now... We all know the real answers to these questions and we are all afraid to say it. Lets be honest. Most African Americans and women don't care about IT. You could trace it with scientific "data" and say some left brained/right brained has something to do with it, or you could just say its not a 'cool field' for most people. I work in a nerdy industry, and I'm proud as hell of it. Most people aren't ok saying that.

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