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Comment Dont Forget the Government Interferance (Score -1) 488

People tend to forget that Microsoft wasn't ALLOWED to innovate in some areas after the anti-trust trial. Microsoft was not allowed to integrate certain software and services into their OS. They had to code them as completely separate products without direct interaction. While they still had these shackles on, Apple and Google were free to meld ANYTHING they wanted into their core products.

Comment Unsustainable (Score 1) 345

Seems to me that Google has built a business that is too cumbersome to maintain legally? I mean just because no one was bothering them about it previously doesnt mean tthey dont have the legal obligation to do it. It's as if I started a landscaping business and I was dumping all the waste products in my back yard. When I run out of space and have to pay for garbage removal...it means that my business is flawed....not that they should write laws to allow me to dump it anywhere.

Comment VMWare Workstation (Score 1) 384

VMWare Workstation is king for desktop virtualization. People will recommend all sorts of free/opensource tools, but the features simply wont compare to VMWare. DirectX support, snapshots, seemly windows etc etc etc. It does cost about $150, but well worth it if you have serious needs.

Comment Re:Useful how? (Score 1) 297

I think that "in general" you're right, but you're forgetting the human aspect. If my uncle is buying something for his computer, it might not care what all of his facebook friends think about computers, but he might VERY WELL care what *I* think, and so he might be curious to see what I like. In a similar regard, I wouldnt ask my mother where to vacation, but I have several friends on facebook that do a lot of traveling, and I think seeing their experiences might be useful.

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