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+ - Astromech in Two Minutes->

Submitted by Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee writes: My latest public project: Astromech tries to make advanced visualization and data processing tools available to anyone with a web browser. It is designed to create distributed online 3D worlds (built in Blender and uploaded to Google Drive) with a focus on science,

It contains modules to calculate keplerian orbits, real-time Lunar positioning, perform fast-fourier transforms, convolutions, image stacking and other transformation on live video data. It can render geometrically perfect spheres, octree spatial density maps, and compute Delaunay triangulations of large point sets. And it has a chat system. The task ahead is to expose the (still well hidden) mathematical 'machinery' as simple components when building worlds and interacting with other participants.

The project still has a long way to go, but I think it's ready to be seen. Feedback is encouraged.

or visit the prototype Worlds shown in the video, (so long as your browser is 3D enough):

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Comment: Re:In Africa? (Score 1) 289

by Jeremy Lee (#42534747) Attached to: Australia Is On So Much Fire, You Can See It From Orbit

Thanks for noticing that... turns out the co-ordinates of that particular spot are 0,0 which do correspond to the lat and long provided for that GeoRSS feed entry. (ie: entirely missing)

The next interesting question is, should the code (a) remove the dot and advice entirely, (b) center the dot in WA, despite being no-where near the 'real' place, or (c) leave it at the 0,0 position where at least everyone can see it.


+ - Australia is on so much fire, you can see it from orbit.->

Submitted by
Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee writes: "Temperatures in Australia this week hit the point where the Bureau of Meteorology had to invent a new colour. And with heat and winds come Bushfires. So it's probably good that I made a real-time bushfire map with every known source of public data directly relating to fires in Australia, mostly because fire doesn't respect state borders."
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+ - Real-time Australian Bushfire Map->

Submitted by
Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee writes: "It's Bushfire season in Australia, and that's not the best of seasons. So I figured I should integrate all known public real-time data from the rural fire agencies and MODIS satellites (which whiz overhead and detect thermal hotspots) and put it all on one map. I'm pretty sure it's the most comprehensive resource of it's type. My beta testers have given the thumbs up, so lets see how how it handles the slashdot effect, shall we? Think of it as a Christmas present made of information, from someone who knows what's coming."
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Comment: Re:What? Is he saying that Diaspora isn't a succes (Score 1) 164

by Jeremy Lee (#36719002) Attached to: How Google+ Measures Up On Privacy

Really? With an install process that requires an advanced sysadmin and half a day? And a digital money system that's already having leakage troubles?

I wanted to like diaspora. It has great ideas. But to have any chance against Google+ and Checkout, Diaspora better have a 2-minute install process and close to a million user by tomorrow. I'm in the trial. Half my friends are now too. It's _nice_. I wrote a review:


Bitcoin's time window will last until Google Checkout is available to merchants world-wide, rather than just the US and UK. No idea how long that will take.

Funny thing is... I bet the main use of Facebook right now is spreading Google+ invitations around.

Comment: Re:[OT a tiny bit] -Tel aviv, Bangalore removed tr (Score 1) 259

Hmmm. They can't plant them directly... but they could bring in planter pots. Buckets of soil. Six guys to a tree.

We'd want to fill the square with as many as possible, using the least footprint. So, we need a locally available plant with a relatively small root ball, long stem, and large crown, with a high transpiration rate. This will cool the air and provide shade.

Botanists. We need botanists. They'll know.

Plus, the sudden greening of Tahrir square might be news-worthy by itself.

Comment: Re:You're kidding (Score 1) 259

Well, I'm Australian. We have heat and deserts too, you know. Not everyone here is from Minnesota or Canada.

Yes, it's a long shot. Most of the solutions will be obvious repetitions, which alone can be reaffirming, but we live in hope that one person out there has solved this so thoroughly and elegantly that we will be amazed by their ingenious solution.

People have made excimer lasers from tinfoil and air. I know one guy who invented a nanopore water filter that removes 99.99% of contaminants and is made from mud, coffee grounds, and a cow turd.

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