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Comment: Re:Define "App" (Score 1) 240

by Jeremy Erwin (#46740495) Attached to: How much do you spend yearly on mobile apps?

As far as I'm concerned, "mobile" is just an excuse to make money off market segmentation. Want to watch hulu on your PC? No problem.
Want to watch it on your tablet PC? Sorry, you'll need a hulu plus subscription.
Want to watch a video on your PC? Enjoy.
Want to watch it on a handheld PC? "This content is not licensed for your device."
A mobile device is simply a computer without cords. It's high time the market defragmented and realized this.

Comment: Re: So far away (Score 2) 400

Hold it-- lego bricks from the 1970s are still compatible with bricks made today. According to Lego, that's down to extreme quality control. You blame it on patents. Yet a patent only lasts 20 years. So how could a patent be the primary barrier to interoperability, given that the patents should have expired in the Reagan administration, if not before?

Comment: Re:The plastic bricks are redundant. (Score 1) 400

from your link

(*) The fit will likely never be as tight as real legos. Those are *tough* tolerances to match. Lego Corp are (i've heard) the masters of injection molded plastic

Now, if you don't really care about the toy aspect of legos--tiny reconfigurable bricks--
  sure, you can just make a large hunk of plastic to take the place of dozens of bricks-- but that's a different kind of play.

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