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Comment: Re:Dwarf Universe? (Score 4, Informative) 65

Earh is 50 kiloparsecs from the Large Magellic Cloud, 778 kiloParsecs from the Andromeda Galaxy. And 2 Megaparsecs from this newly discovered galaxy. Apparently. KKs is an isolated spheroidal galaxy-- not a satellite of the Milky way, Andromeda or even Triangulum, nor is it clustered with other dwarf galaxies in the local group.
The paper says

Since 2008, only three galaxies had been newly discovered in a spherical shell between radii 1 and 3Mpc around the Local Group. Two of them are dIrrs, UGC 4879 (Kopylov et al. 2008) and Leo P (Giovanelli et al. 2013), and the third one, KK 258 (Karachentsev et al. 2014), belongs to the transition type dTr with minimal but detectable gas and young stars. Here we report the discovery in this volume of a dwarf spheroidal system KKs 3 ([KK2000] 03 = SGC 0224.3–7345 in the nomencla- ture of the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database) at a distance of D = 2.12 ± 0.07 Mpc and well removed from any other known galaxy.

So the interesting feature isn't that it's close. It's that it's distant from any galaxy.

Comment: Re:Smartphone with 50 Megapixel CCD sensor ? (Score 1) 92

by Jeremy Erwin (#48675661) Attached to: Kodak-Branded Smartphones On the Way

50 Megapixels in a phone is absurd. Even the most absurdly expensive glass has trouble keeping up with Nikon's full frame D800-- and that's only 36 Megapixels. It's more understandable in a medium format camera-- but those are significantly larger than phones, and far more expensive.

What really would be useful in a phone is decent low light performance-- noise free images at ISO 12,800 and beyond (as well as the focusing systems necessitated by this lack of light.)

Comment: Re:Global warming for the win! (Score 0) 384

Don't tow the "Climate Change" line, don't get funded

Exactly! Without scientists to move it, the "climate change" line, or for that matter, any line marking the boundaries of current human knowledge, it stays stagnant and fixed. Towing the lines helps our society prosper and grow...

And to think that George Orwell thought it a Dying Metaphor!

Comment: Re:Tax dollars at work. (Score 1) 102

by Jeremy Erwin (#48179375) Attached to: Canada Will Ship 800 Doses of Experimental Ebola Drug to WHO

The US has a patent on an Ebola virus..
Human ebola virus species and compositions and methods thereof

Looks like a Canadian patent, owned by the " The Government Of The United States Of America As Represented By The Sec Retary, Department Of Health & Human Services, Center For Disease Control".

It's the wrong strain, though. Also I'm not sure why the US government would own a Canadian patent.

Comment: Re: Type and touch? (Score 1) 252

by Jeremy Erwin (#48178183) Attached to: Apple's Next Hit Could Be a Microsoft Surface Pro Clone

For a portable TV otherwise known as iPad a touchscreen is about the same as a dial on the side.

Funny, that. I rarely use my ipad for video. Sometimes I stream videos to my AppleTV using my ipad, but most of what I do on my ipad is web consumption--just the standard mix of text and graphics, mind you not web video. aside from that, there's kindle, and reading pdfs.
But of course, I may well be an outlier.

A large screen ipad might be good for drawing, provided that the stylus can be accurate enough-- drawing on my ipad feels like I'm in kindergarten, fingerpainting. Then again, I'm not the artistic type.

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