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Comment: drops in the bucket (Score 3, Insightful) 116

by Jeremy Erwin (#47365071) Attached to: Renewable Energy Saves Fortune 100 Companies $1.1B Annually

Some of the companies leading the industry in annual clean energy savings include UPS ($200M), Cisco ($151M), PepsiCo ($121M) and United Continental ($104M).

Annual Revenues:

UPS: 55.4 billion
Cisco: 48.6 billion
PepsiCo: 66.4 billion
United Continental: 38.3 billion

United Continental only posted 571 million in profits last year, so yes, those savings definitely helped.
The others? Cisco: 9.9 billion; PepsiCo: $6.7 billion, UPS: $4.3 billion-- the savings reported are akin to rounding errors. It's not all that persuasive.

Comment: Re:Good? (Score 1) 273

As Lawrence Lessig mused "code is law". We don't need governments to try in substitute their feckless ancient law for our code. Imagine-- millions liberated by the promise of technology to start building their societies on Python, Perl, Malbolge and other industry standard codebases instead of leaving those sorts of decisions to outmoded, inefficient, and frankly just embarrassing artifacts of the so called democratic revolution. We live in the 21st century, people, and it's time we stopped paying homage to 18th century political philosophers and their devotion to the clockwork universe.

Comment: Re:Corporations are not created under 501(c)(3) (Score 1) 534

I guess what the ACLU got their panties in a bunch about is that the organization also acts as a central point of contact for SWAT training/ purchases in the region.

So... a group of police, are setting their training calendars together so they can have a training session with more people at one time so they can save money on instructor costs. And they are buying stuff in bulk to reduce their costs.

You seem very intent on minimizing NEMLEC's role. Perhaps you are under the impression that the council is a mere social club organizing get togethers, banquets, golf outings, and dinner dances for men with guns.

The ACLMU's complaint suggests that this is not the case.
For instance:

46. For example, NEMLEC has purchased or otherwise acquired a Lenco BearCat, an armored personnel carrier that is designed for military or law enforcement use. See & (Exhibit M).

But if you are correct, and NEMLEC is simply brokering fleet purchases of armored vehicles, enabling the smaller police departments to militarize just as quickly as the Boston Police Department, but with the added savings of buying in bulk, we have nothing to worry about.

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by Jeremy Erwin (#47294701) Attached to: The Revolutionary American Weapons of War That Never Happened

t. Diode laser powered weapons are now up to 10KW (big array of 10W or so diodes), and can shoot down small rockets and artillery shells in demos. Current thinking is that, at 50KW-100KW, they'll be militarily useful.

For reference, a standard round from an M4 rifle has about 1.5-1.65kW of kinetic energy upon leaving the barrel.

And the army already uses the M4 for shooting down small rockets and artillery shells?

(The M4 is not a rifle. It's a carbine. If you want a rifle,the M16 is readily available.)

Comment: Re:Not sure what the "secrecy" fuss is (Score 2) 222

by Jeremy Erwin (#47294053) Attached to: WikiLeaks Publishes Secret International Trade Agreement

, at which point all the elements of the treaty will be public and heavily debated down to the last comma.

unless the treaty is subject to the fast track negotiating authority. Furthermore, it is is quite difficult to negotiate a treaty if if it is known that that ratifying bodies plan to make substantive changes after the conclusion of negotiations.

Better to debate before the treaty is signed-- and that cannot happen unless the negotiations are transparent.

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Hacker: Who else is in this department?
Sir Humphrey: Well briefly, sir, I am the Permanent Under Secretary of State, known as the Permanent Secretary. Woolley here is your Principal Private Secretary. I too have a Principal Private Secretary and he is the Principal Private Secretary to the Permanent Secretary. Directly responsible to me are ten Deputy Secretaries, 87 Under Secretaries and 219 Assistant Secretaries. Directly responsible to the Principal Private Secretaries are plain Private Secretaries, and the Prime Minister will be appointing two Parliamentary Under-Secretaries and you will be appointing your own Parliamentary Private Secretary.
Hacker: Can they all type?
Sir Humphrey: None of us can type. Mrs Mackay types: she's the secretary.

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