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Submission + - Samba 4.0 released - The First Free Software Active Directory Compatible Server (

Jeremy Allison - Sam writes: "I thought you'd be interested to know we released Samba 4.0 today,
containing the first compatible Free Software implementation of
Microsoft’s Active Directory protocols.

The press release is attached. Microsoft were nice enough to
give us a positive quote for the press :-).

Jeremy Allison,
Samba Team."


Submission + - Video interview with Jim Zemlin, Linux Foundation (

Jeremy Allison - Sam writes: "Here is a video interview I did with Jim Zemlin, head of the Linux Foundation and Linus Torvalds boss (in theory). Jim articulates his vision of "Linux everywhere", which is really compelling as a mission statement.

Half hour interview (sorry about the background noise, we really need to use a proper studio for this, not just sit outside Chris DiBona's office :-).


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