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Q: Why has there never been a coup in Washington D.C.?

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  • Something like half of which are successful.
    • You still think that the team owners are more important than the Conference management.

      • Passively accepting all this guarantees more of same.
        • :-) Yes, it most certainly does.. So does actively accepting all this.

          • Think of it as vectors. When active, you add your bit of force to the overall system, and can drive it. I'm confident that, had the Tea Party not risen up, for example, ObamaCare would have us much farther along the road to Single Prey-er. Doubtless you'll disagree, preaching paralysis as you do. However, I'll be able to look at the grandkids, when they ask, and tell them I didn't shovel s**t in Biloxi.
            • Kinda pathetic that you don't know how to make your government serve... You'd rather play your ideological charades.

              • by kesuki (321456)

                "you don't know how to make your government serve."

                nah i know how to do that, just get root on a nuclear silo send it to dc. the politicians will flee to their nuclear fallout shelters but they will get this. machines control the wealth, machines control the existence of life.

  • Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin said there was a "silent coup" during the Nixon Administration and Liddy agreed with them.

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