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Comment: Re:Investiment bank? (Score 1) 312

by JensenDied (#32790650) Attached to: World Cup Prediction Failures
Investiment banks employ invesiment bankers who only have the purpose to count beans, or in this case soccer balls. Those of us that know a little about the game know that there is only one ball on the field at a time, but like the soccer refs these invesiment bankers easily lose track and foul up everything, unfortunately investment bankers aren't much better in the financial field.
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Who/what should a hero fight?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Due to a weird radioactive accident in my lab a few months ago, I have acquired some superpowers that people usually only dream of. I always thought that what I saw in comics were just fiction, but now I know better. Being a nerd and a nice guy, I followed the lesson from the heroes in comics, and started to fight crime in my region. Everything is going nicely, but the more I fight crime, more it seems that the world is getting worse and worse. Poor people are poorer, people keep dying of hunger and people keep on killing each other. So, I decided to ask Slashdot: since I have power enough to change the world and fight injustices, what should I do to make this world better? Also, heroes cannot work alone, since the world is so big and there is a lot to fight, so who should I unite with? I think you can understand why I'm not signing this summary."

+ - Consumer Vista support slashed by Microsoft

Submitted by
Mytob writes "Microsoft is to limit support for three versions of Windows Vista, including its most expensive, to five years rather than the usual 10 years. The company defended the difference by noting that the clock just started ticking. "End of life-cycle support for Windows Vista is still five years out," a spokesperson said. 550"

+ - Sourceforge closed CompileFarm. Now what?

Submitted by int32
int32 (973918) writes "Anyone used sourceforge's CompileFarm? Well I did a lot. As of now, I've just found that its single distinguishing feature was abandoned some weeks ago: 65363 . CompileFarm was the project where you could compile and test your application on a bunch of various architectures on different unices. Was really helpful for portability, especially for testing your code on both 32 and 64 bit platforms... well, no more. It sucks, but show must go on. Therefore, questions to the slashdot crowd: how do you test your C/C++ code for portability? Are there (free) alternatives to CompileFarm?"

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