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Comment Re:The Great Society did what could be expected (Score 1) 421 421

They tend to understand that they actually have to pay for anything that the "government" gives them

That's why they turned a surplus into a deficit with unfunded tax cuts and wars. Great insight, dumbass.

No, the Democrats don't benefit by creating poor people. Poor people are still so frustrated with the state of the economy that some are even willing to ignore all the progress we've made in the last few years and elect members of the other party, the one that nearly ruined us. The fact that the economy is struggling is absolutely a bad thing for the Democrats.

Comment Re:It's okay (Score 1) 1469 1469

The one trait that binds atheist fundamentalism and religious fundamentalism together is a strict, literalist, and absolutist interpretation of scripture.

I'm an atheist and I don't give a fuck about how scripture is interpreted because it's fiction, so naw that's not true at all.

Comment Re:Microsoft...a blast from the past... (Score 3, Insightful) 423 423

I'd figure the optical mouse would popularize itself with people who don't like cleaning gunk out of their electronics. That said, I wish I could find an optical mouse that I liked as much as this ball mouse I've been using for the last 14 years...

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