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+ - Italian Wikipedia Shutting Down->

Submitted by
JehCt writes "The Italian Wikipedia may be forced to shut down by a new law currently being considered by the Italian Parliament. "This proposal... provides, among other things, a requirement to all websites to publish, within 48 hours of the request and without any comment, a correction of any content that the applicant deems detrimental to his/her image. Unfortunately, the law does not require an evaluation of the claim by an impartial third judge — the opinion of the person allegedly injured is all that is required, in order to impose such correction to any website. Hence, anyone who feels offended by any content published on a blog, an online newspaper and, most likely, even on Wikipedia would have the right for a statement ('correction') to be shown, unaltered, on the page, aimed to contradict and disprove the allegedly harmful contents, regardless of the truthfulness of the information deemed as offensive, and its sources.""
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Comment: Re:This is pretty much what I've been telling peop (Score 4, Interesting) 973

by JehCt (#33188918) Attached to: Abandon Earth Or Die, Warns Hawking
We don't need to boost ourselves. We need to figure out the earliest life forms that we evolved from, and then blast great numbers, but small lightweight quantities, of that stuff towards any apparently habitable planets. If it takes a few billions years, so what. By spreading the human-precursor lifeforms we can colonize a larger number of planets and take advantage of evolution to ensure that the resulting lifeforms are suited to each venue.

Comment: Adobe asks us to drink the Kool Aid (Score 1) 383

by JehCt (#26949625) Attached to: Is Flash Really On 99% of Net Devices?
I have a Blackberry and use it to browse the net. It doesn't have Flash. Something like >14 million people have Blackberries, and >8 million people have iPhones. Those devices don't support Flash yet,though a player is in development for the iPhone. Additionally some of the most savvy web users don't run scripts, including Flash, for security reasons. This story sounds like Adobe-flavored Kool Aid.

+ - USPTO Approves Servicemark for Generic Term "S->

Submitted by
JehCt writes "USPTO has approved for publication an application for the servicemark "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization), filed by Jason Gambert on May 2, 2007. Gambert said, "My goal in owning the trademark for the word SEO is not to try to force people to change their SEO process, but rather, prevent companies from selling "SEO" as a service under false pretenses." The SEO community naturally objected to having the name of their profession trademarked. Gambert was then caught using sock puppet accounts to support his plans for SEO domination. USPTO seems to have missed the fact that SEO has been used as a generic term for many years."
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Journal: Yahoo Site Explorer

Journal by JehCt
Yahoo Site Explorer (beta) goes a long way toward providing some search engine transparancy. With this tool you can see which web pages are indexed for a particular site. More significantly, you can also get a complete and accurate list inbound links to any site. The list seems to be sorted, with strongest links first. Google's "link to:www.domain.com" search has been notoriously unreliable: Google provides a sample of inbound link sources,

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