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+ - Radiohead allows fans to decide on price 2

Submitted by
radicalskeptic writes "Radiohead, a band known to be unhappy with other music download services, has decided to release their next album, "In Rainbows", in two formats: a £40 boxed set and a digital download. What's the catch? Customers who purchase the digital download are able to name their own price for the album. This is the first Radiohead release since their contract with EMI expired. As "The Majors" continue to lose relevance, can we expect more of this type of experimentation and flexibility from independent artists?"

Journal: Going back to school for entry-level tech jobs? 1

Journal by demondawn
My boyfriend has a B.A. in Communications Media from a middle-of-the-road midwestern university. Now he's going back to the same university to get a Computer Science that he can apply for entry level BSD sysadmin jobs (preferably in Canada, if he can find them.) My question, as I'm not really a tech-sector person myself, is whether or not those of you in the profession think such a course of action is worth it? Considering he's working full-time (in a media job), he only has time to
Data Storage

+ - Client-server file sync choices

Submitted by alister
alister (60389) writes "I'm looking for options to manage client-server file sync in a 300 person Windows environment. The solution has to be able to sync data from anywhere to anywhere, but also be controllable centrally and use LDAP authentication. It should also allow collaboration by people who don't have accounts on the LDAP system. FolderShare is really for personal use, and iFolder isn't really complete, and looks like it might be dead. Ideally, it'll work with Windows Server (not my choice — we use what we've been given), but the server OS choice isn't carved in stone."
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - College students playing bloodhound? How odd...

Submitted by
Panaqqa writes "The Globe and Mail has run a story about college students having a far better than expected sense of smell.

By studying blindfolded college students who crawled through grass to sniff out a chocolate-scented trail, scientists say they've found evidence of a human smelling ability that experts thought was impossible.

If they are as good at smelling out FUD, then perhaps there IS some hope for the future."

+ - Dutch Pull Plug on Free Analog TV

Submitted by o0OSABO0o
o0OSABO0o (937312) writes "MyWay News is running an interesting article from the AP from the Netherlands about how the Dutch has pulled the plug on free broadcast analog TV today. From the article:

"The Netherlands ended transmission of "free to air" analog television Monday, becoming the first nation to switch completely to digital signals.

"Few Dutch consumers noticed, because the overwhelming majority get TV via cable. Only around 74,000 households relied primarily on the old-fashioned TV antennas in this country of 16 million, although 220,000 people had an "occasional use" set somewhere such as in a vacation house, camper or boat, according to government figures."
The Media

The Demise of the Professional Photojournalist 133

Posted by kdawson
from the going-going dept.
Dan Gillmor has a piece up on his Center for Citizen Media blog about the coming decline in the venerable professions of photojournalism and videography. It's hard to fault Gillmor's argument that the ubiquity of Net-connected cameras and cell phones will mean that, for breaking news at least, a pro will rarely if ever be the ones who capture the shot or the footage that gets widely published and reprinted. The comments to Gillmor's post are worth reading. One reader pulls out the figure that a billion camera phones will be in use globally by 2008.

+ - iTunes sales 'collapsing'

Submitted by Alien54
Alien54 (180860) writes "via the register
The leading DRM digital download service, Apple's iTunes, has experienced a collapse in sales revenues this year according to analyst company Forrester Research. Secretive Apple doesn't break out revenues from iTunes, but Forrester conducted an analysis of credit card transactions over a 27-month period. And this year's numbers aren't good.[...] And it isn't just Apple's problem. Nielsen Soundscan has grimmer news for prospective digital download services, indicating three consecutive quarters of flat or declining revenues for the sector as a whole.

+ - The Dutch Kill Analog TV Nationwide

Submitted by Willem de Koning
Willem de Koning (666) writes "Becoming the first country in the world to do so, the Netherlands has completely ended transmission of analog television signals today. /4393351.html So what about cars/portable TV's? I'm guessing a market will emerge for developing portable "set top boxes / convertors"?"

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