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Comment Re:Surface Book (Score 1) 86

I will stick with the tablet line.. I do not need the bigger screen, the dGPU, or the ability to pick it up by the keyboard. Those are the only advantages I see with the Surface Book, and I am not willing to pay extra and trade weight/thickness for those features.

I just hope the WiFi card is better than the one in the SP3.

The Type Keyboard looks awesome though...

Comment Re:Real talk (Score 4, Interesting) 86

I hope you are a troll because the only other option is that your are completely ignorant of the HoloLens and its market.

It is already a success as a pre-release device for engineering and data visualization. It is being used by MS partners today and many big companies have been waiting for it to be more widely available.

Consumers are way down the list for HoloLens. The demo today was consumer focused because it was a consumer event, not because the HoloLens is anywhere near ready for the home user.

Comment Re:IDIOTS! (Score 1) 216

That is way to much work for personal devices. I have the data I care about on multiple backup drives and I have a Windows install USB drive handy. If an update breaks my system, I can be back up and running in less than a hour from bare metal. The data you care about needs to be backed up anyway, so it would be nothing but a waste of time for me to review all the updates that come out. I set Windows to ask before it reboots, and beyond that, updates are automatic.

Comment glass houses (Score 1, Insightful) 216

It is so uplifting to find so many people who have never made a mistake in their professional careers.
I am sure those around you are giddy as they read your witty posts on Slashdot calling out "those idiots at Microsoft".
I applaud you and the personal perfection that arms you with such stones.

Comment Re:No wonder MSFT stock is up (Score 1) 137

The comment I was replying to simply says 'Seriously, what good is that "surface" crap, except maybe as 3rd or 4th computer?'. That looks to me like it dismisses the whole Surface line. I apologize for not realizing that they were only talking about the ones running Windows RT. (I blame Microsoft for the general confusion about RT vs. Pro as most of the people I support still do not know the difference.)

That being said, I would still have spoken up to defend the Sureface RT and the Surface II as they still have awesome optional keyboards, allow tons of customization and management via PowerShell, and come with Office 2013.

I have tried $75, $100, and even $150 Bluetooth keyboards and none of them seem to work as well as the $119 - $129 Surface Type Keyboard. I went through many tablets before I got my first Surface device, and would still recommend the Surface RT & Surface II for anyone that wants Web, Email, & Office, but also wants a really lightweight device with a good keyboard. I hear good things about the latest Dell and ASUS systems, but they run full Windows 8 and cannot compete on price with iPad/Android or even Windows RT devices.

I do fully agree that if you do not need a portable keyboard and Office, Android will get you more bang for the buck.

Comment Re:No wonder MSFT stock is up (Score 1) 137

Sorry, did not notice I was not logged in. the 'it' that I have been in for 20 years is actually IT. Obviously I still have not learned to proof read.

Anyway, I love my Surface Pro 3 and the will be happy to be rid of the rest of the cluttered mess that is my computer desk when my new dock comes in.

Comment Re:zune (Score 1) 391

There is only one problem with that.. in 3rd party testing, the Zune HARDWARE beat every version of the iPod. Every component of the audio stack from the DAC to the in-the-box headphones was higher quality and produced better sound than the Apple hardware.

Zune lost to 'iPod + iTunes' and because it was a Microsoft product not because of the hardware.


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