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User Journal

Journal: MISSING PERSON: Anyone in New Orleans or Atlanta?

Journal by Jedi Holocron
I thought maybe the /. crowd could be of use with this:

Ian Turner went missing last weekend after attending a conference in New Orleans. He lives near London, in the UK, and was supposed to be on a flight from Atlanta back home on Sunday. We do not currently know if he missed his flight in Atlanta, or if he never left New Orleans. If anyone has seem him in either city since Sunday, any information is helpful. He has a wife and two lovely daughters at home who are very worried for him. Ian is quite tall (over 6 feet) and soft spoken. He often wears tie-dyed clothing and sandals. If you've seen Ian, or have any information about him that might be useful (anything at all, at this stage) please contact the New Orleans or Atlanta police departments. New Orleans P.D. - (504) 821-2222 Atlanta P.D. - (404) 730-5700 (Fulton County) Atlanta Missing Persons - 404-853-4235 You can also email: mivox (at) mivox (dot) com. Any information will be forwarded to his family.

From HERE with a photo as well... Thanks!

User Journal

Journal: Gmail

Journal by Jedi Holocron

Well, after the Slashdot post on Gmail accounts being given to "active" Blogger users I rushed right over. I had been using Blogger but recently switched to using Blog and publishing to my AT&T web space. More control that I figured I was out of luck because I had deleted the blog on Blogger. The main account was still there so I quick put up a silly little blog.

Someone on /. then suggested that it was random as to who got the Gmail invite. So I kept logging in and out of Blogger. Eventually I did get the invite so now I'm toying with Gmail. I think it is less random and "active" is defined by the number of posts to you blog and how many times you have logged into Blogger.

I'm experimenting with a second Blogger account now. Updates if successful with a second Gmail account.

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