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Comment I had this happen yesterday!!! (Score 1) 124

Yup, this is real.

Yesterday morning, I had a notification on my phone that my account was now at $0.00. HUH??!

Launched the app and then noticed my Starbuck's card was removed. WTF?!

I called their support line. They didn't offer much in the way of help, but did say that the email address had been changed on my card and that it was indeed removed. They reset my password and are sending me a new Gold Card.

Comment We're doomed... (Score 1) 104

I was pretty well convinced that the NSA and it's data sniffing what-not has become self-aware and is the first to do so. That may still be the case...

But I'm not pretty sure that the Googleplex is now self-aware and is trying to make itself self-mobile.

Next step, the Nexus-1000 Terminator....

Comment Mailbox, meh... (Score 1) 63

I signed up for that a while ago. I waited for my reservation to activate.

I turned fired up the app. I linked a Gmail account (only service they currently work with).

I toyed with it for a day. I found it unimpressive, unintuitive, limited, and not useful.

I unlinked my account.

App removed. I fail to see the value in it.

Comment Let's not forget LED Lighting (Score 1) 146

a large inrush current (such as a motor)

LED Lighting and the divers that run them have a significantly larger inrush current than incandescent lighting ( http://ledsmagazine.com/features/9/3/7/EcosystemFig3 ). I'd be more concerned about that than a motor.

This "feature" of LED lighting was not something that was initially taken into account.

Comment Not a "DROPBOX" Alternative - File Sync Yes (Score 3, Informative) 96

This is basically an "open source" version of what http://www.cubby.com/ did in their free beta--but is now a paid part of the service. It was called "DirectSync" ( https://www.cubby.com/features/ ) and didn't use any of the "cloud" part of storage from the service. You can see how it is now part of the paid service here: https://www.cubby.com/pricing/

I would expect any number of other providers are looking at this for a paid service. High end versions would include Globalscape's WAFS ( http://www.globalscape.com/wafs/ ) and File Replication Pro ( http://www.filereplicationpro.com/ ).

Free with good encryption is a great idea IMO. I for one would use it.

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