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Comment: Let's not forget LED Lighting (Score 1) 146

by Jedi Holocron (#42759829) Attached to: Turning the Belkin WeMo Into a Deathtrap

a large inrush current (such as a motor)

LED Lighting and the divers that run them have a significantly larger inrush current than incandescent lighting ( ). I'd be more concerned about that than a motor.

This "feature" of LED lighting was not something that was initially taken into account.

Comment: Not a "DROPBOX" Alternative - File Sync Yes (Score 3, Informative) 96

by Jedi Holocron (#42696153) Attached to: BitTorrent Launches Dropbox Alternative

This is basically an "open source" version of what did in their free beta--but is now a paid part of the service. It was called "DirectSync" ( ) and didn't use any of the "cloud" part of storage from the service. You can see how it is now part of the paid service here:

I would expect any number of other providers are looking at this for a paid service. High end versions would include Globalscape's WAFS ( ) and File Replication Pro ( ).

Free with good encryption is a great idea IMO. I for one would use it.

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