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Comment Re:No low end market (Score 1) 100

The only likely users are techies and early-adopter types. I could see a small business in these things for gamers and marketing and some other niche uses but I really don't see full immersion VR headsets becoming a mainstream technology.

Not sure I'd qualify the porn industry as niche, but if they pick up on this, and I reckon they will, that might certainly push sales big-time.

Comment Re:Until you experience the speed ... (Score 1) 338

Besides, why "stream" things as Google advertises?

Because some things are a lot more fun to watch in real-time at the same time as other people. Think (e-)sports and things like that.

Sure, I can watch the match the next day on youtube, but it isn't quite the same.

Comment Re:Care to explain the climate change of Mars (Score 3, Informative) 552

The current theory is that Mars, like Earth, at one point had a molten core that spun, thus causing a magnetic field that held an atmosphere.

The core solidified, stopped spinning, the field collapsed and the atmosphere went its merry way off into space.

In other news, just because your house burned down after getting hit by lightning does not mean it's safe for my 3 year old to play with matches.

Comment Re:Oh noooos! (Score 1) 509

On the basis of what scientific research do you make such a claim? We are long past the age where women
are trained from childhood to take certain jobs, accept certain careers, or forego careers. Yet women choose
not to engage in certain professions in anywhere near a ratio indicative of the composition of society.

Spend a couple of hours watching television for children, paying attention to which toys are targeted at which part of the audience. The training is still there. Just look around you at how many women are still trained by their mothers to attract a man with money instead of carving out their own career. Cultural conditioning is still very much a thing.

Comment Re:It's not about me (Score 1) 449

The REAL evidence of the singularity will be when I hear cars street racing at 1 in the morning... and there are no (human) drivers.

Now you have me wondering what the traditional girl with a scarf who gives the go will look like in an all-robot race...

Comment Re:"Feeblemindedness" (Score 2) 225

At no point should it be acceptable that /anybodies/ ethnic or racial background be a synonym for 'criminal'

Sorry, but when I see, say, a pretty girl with a Roma appearance in a major european city approaching tourists, the odds are heavily in favor of her being a pickpocket. You might call that ethnic profiling, I call it reality.

Comment Re:AI and robotics and jobs (Score 2) 625

Except that never happens. New jobs are created; someone has to innovate, someone has to maintain.

Yet at some point we'll have to face the point where an economy based on everyone working is simply not viable anymore. There's only so much busywork to go around before it becomes silly.

Comment Re:Why are they blocking violent content? (Score 1) 107

While a lot of what you say sounds like it makes perfect you have anything to back it up? Studies? Data? Actual examples of countries or communities that have done this?

Or is it just ideology? Which is fine, when it isn't being advertised as fact...

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