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Comment Re:Not actually available now (Score 1) 223

So in short, the product is not immediately available (it's sold out in the Swag shop also) and when it is, it won't be $5 unless you order it direct. And then, if you don't live in the UK, you'll have to pay an assload of shipping.

Where can I buy R-Pi in a B&M store in the USA, so that I can actually get it for $5? And when will it actually be available?

I walked into Micro Center on Black Friday and picked one up for $5. While I was there, I looked around and was quite surprised how competitive Micro Center has become with pricing.

Comment Re:Yes/No (Score 1) 189

Before Fox would air a new episode of 24, would you put a new set of vinyl sheets on your mattress in preparation for a night of terrified bedwetting?

Do you turn around and ignore reasonable assessments of threats, and then bury your head in the sand when there is a credible possibility? After all, that's what led to the cancellation of a soccer game in Germany last week. One can't forget about what happened in Brussels last week either.

It's fun to play 'what if' so let's do that. Let's say the government doesn't use emergency powers to block the protests. And a couple of weeks after a series of terrorist attacks, terrorists use the opportunity to splody-dope themselves from within the crowd. The public response would be: "Why didn't you stop the protests." And on the other hand, you have the "Why is France stopping the protests, are they afraid or something?" Because they're taking a reasonable precaution.

Comment Re: Isn't this why computers are great (Score 1) 236

Give links, man. Let everybody see what you're talking about so they can understand your commitment to ethics in journalism.

The zoe post vs what the media reports.

Common knowledge is quite uncommon.

Really? You should let the courts know asap. My theory that the sky is actually puce in colour should go over well then.

Comment Re: Isn't this why computers are great (Score 1) 236


Common knowledge, it doesn't require a citation. Want a recent pop culture example? The Zoe Post, and examine the media's stories on it. In nearly every case, the stories are factually wrong, even though the story will cite(the zoe post) and make incorrect statements and claim they're factual.

Comment Re:Or just make the diesels hybrids (Score 1) 179

Kinda the sweet spot for hybrid-electric drives, no?

Well trains aren't hybrid electric, but they're diesel driven electric. A few companies like Freightliner and Mack have been messing around with it for a few years, but there's problems mainly to do with the raw torque requirements for trucks, especially on heavy grade pulls. One of the solutions(can't remember if it was Mack or Freightliner), went with both. Diesel-electric for long cruising and diesel drive only for startup pulling and grades.

Comment Re:Good old fashioned crisis management... (Score 2, Interesting) 282

Seems to me it's closer to paraphrasing. On top of that, the elaborated sentence can also imply that if you know that a crisis exists and you postpone it for whatever reason(time/public backlash/money/others don't believe it's urgent/etc), you can then use that opportunity to implement things that you wouldn't be able to do so before. That also includes implementing things that the general public would find highly objectionable, but would allow in a crisis moment. Or to ram though legislation that would have failed previously.

Comment Consumer ignorance (Score 1) 470

It's beyond me in this day and age of ubiquitous information available at one's fingertips that anyone can walk into a dealership and NOT know what they want to buy (or at least have it narrowed down to one or two models and/or trim levels). You should do all your research BEFORE going to the dealership. The only point of going to the dealership should be to actually drive the car and confirm or refute what you already know about it.

Dealerships HATE informed customers because it basically removes the need for a salesperson. I don't WANT some smelly guy in a bad suit trying to tell me what I want. I already KNOW what I want. The only reason I'm even there is because I can't order one from the factory directly. I have my financing worked out with my credit union before I set foot in his doorway. The salesperson's total interaction with me ought to be "Here is a filled-out build sheet for the car I want along with all options I would like. Here is the price I'm willing to pay which ensures a modest profit for you and your dealership. I will not negotiate one penny above and beyond that, nor do I want to be sold on additional options or extras I have not already specified. Please locate the car in your database. If you have one on the lot that matches it, I'll take it today. If not, please have it delivered here and let me know when it arrives. Thank you. Goodbye."

Why in the hell can't we just ORDER these things from the factory??? Oh, right...car dealerships have local politicians blocking that sort of thing. Land of the free, home of the brave-but-not-so-brave-that-we-want-actual-competition.

Comment Re:Don't evolve your business model (Score 1) 220

So because there is a non-zero chance of a third party maliciously infecting a website, you block all ads everywhere?
Why not just not use the Internet at all since any website can be compromised in ways other than ads?

That's easy, websites that serve malware are exceptionally rare. Ads that serve malware are not. Why do you think there's a proliferation of ad blocking software.

Comment Re:Don't evolve your business model (Score 1) 220

When does that actually, and more importantly, deliberately by the web site, happen?

Often enough that if you're letting ads be served to you, you're just waiting to get malware from something. Whether it's via flash, java, javascript, silverlight, css vulnerabilities, or one of two dozen other things.

Comment Re: Live by the sword, die by the sword. (Score 4, Insightful) 256

Oh look, someone broke into your house, and stole all your valuables and personal belongings. Well you were stupid enough not to use bank vault doors, and you gave the spare key to a close friend who didn't lock his door that day.

The problem with Information security is that to be safe you need professional level of security on your consumer devices, and constant vigilance to keep it up. This is a lot of work for a person, especially if they don't find security patches fun, or barely get by using the internet.

Comment Re:Live by the sword, die by the sword. (Score 4, Insightful) 256

So we should be all nice and fuzzy with a group intent of harassing people. Oh they are making peoples lives miserable, but let them just go on their marry way, because if we mess with them they will mess with us too.

Yea it is OK the Nazi were capturing Jews, because we weren't Jews, if we did try to stop them, then they would just go after us.
Yep that mentality is looked soooo fondly in the view of history.

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