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Comment Re:Software engineer fails to understand business (Score 5, Insightful) 130 130

If programmers are left to their own devices, no code will ever get released, because complex systems have too many variables to test, take a long time to code, by the time you get to the end you realized you could have done the beginning better.
There are so many times I go back to my old code and say to myself what was I thinking? There is a much easier way to do this.

Sometimes it is cheaper to leave the bloat and use more hardware to compensate.

I have a lot of half done apps in production. There are thing I want to do to make them better, however I probably won't get to them by EOL because the customer is generally happy with it, and I have other higher priority projects in my queue.

Comment Re:Money Ruins Fun (Score 2) 40 40

It doesn't help that a lot of those pay-for modders, started lashing out at those of us modders who wanted nothing to do with it. That's probably the biggest thing there, if you have access to any of the hidden forums for modders on the mod sites(nexus, moddb, modgames, etc), you'd see the personal attacks that the paid for modding used. Once that started making it out into the general community that pay-for modders were attacking others for not wanting it, the community in general had enough.

Those folks learned the hard way that it's really easy to burn bridges by attacking other content creators, and pissing off mod users.

Comment Re:TOTAL GARBAGE- paid mods work on Steam (Score 1) 40 40

Most people wanting to sell their mods, want to get jobs in game development-- Either as asset creators, scripters, coders, level designers, etc.

Pretty much, for those of us who've been modding for ~20 years on a variety of games we do it because we enjoy doing it and don't want to get paid for it. Rather the only application that most of us have is that our work is recognized, used, and enjoyed. A lot of modders start out because there's xyz missing and they want to add it to the game themselves, that's how I got into modding. That, and there were bugs sometimes serious bugs that need to be fixed but weren't fixed by the developer.

People who are talented will get noticed and picked up by the industry by the mods they make. Others use their mods as a showcase, which works out very well too.

Comment Re:Sounds impressive, but is it? (Score 1) 83 83

- that would suggest that their cost of goods and operating expenses are negative.

Sounds about right, gotta remember that they've had some massively bad quarters and several years and they're still paying off their loans to other parties(not the government ones).

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