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+ - Private company leads to arrests of three hackers ten years after attack 2

Submitted by Jdogatl
Jdogatl (836125) writes "I was intruiged by a bit of news that reports that 10 years after a digital attack, a forensic investigation company, Digital Investigation, lead to the arrest of three hackers (actually two hackers hired by a third party). They were asked in 2013 to investigate an attack on a lawfirm 9 years after the initial attack. The investigating company says that someone hacked and leaked a DDoS commercial service's userdatabase and was able to eventually track down the hackers because one of them logged did not login through a VPN once. Oops.

The company lays out the details of their investigation and though it is in Dutch it was interesting that the conclusion was largely due to "someone" leaking the information about the hacker. It raises a couple of questions, if you were a security company and obviously not going to get anywhere would you hack a company's user database (regardless of the legality of the service provided) and say that it was leaked by "some" hacker to avoid being charged yourself? Also, is it not a bit odd that the information that brought down the hackers was still retained 9 years after the attacks? Or that being stupid once, 10 years ago, can still bring you down. Should there not be a push for statute of limitations on cyber crime?

Sorry, the link is in Dutch."

Comment: Landline, shandline (Score 1) 435

by Jdogatl (#29125803) Attached to: The Decline of the Landline
I only have a landline for my DSL internet. I got a $5 monthly cost for the line and then the cost of the DSL. The prices on the landline to call are pretty steep so I never attached a phone. The only problem is when the phone company or internet company keep trying to call you but get disconnected signals. Hehe, it would have been funny except they owed me money...

Comment: Re:Merit (Score 1) 417

by Jdogatl (#27759005) Attached to: US ISPs Using Push Polling To Stop Cheap Internet
Shouldnt it be considered a public service in this day and age? Isn't the government there to make our lives better by investing in projects that are to large and inefficient to do privately for the better good of the society? I do not see why the government cannot take steps where private companies are not willing to because of costs while creating such large disparities. /.?
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+ - EuroDocsis 3.0: 120 Mbit cable for the public

Submitted by Jdogatl
Jdogatl (836125) writes "Last week UPC in The Netherkands announced that they are going to have a new subscription implementing EuroDOCSIS 3.0. Sources suggest the 60/8 Mbit will be 10 eur cheaper than the fastest connection now, in the end roughly 50 euros with a fair use policy, no limit up or down. This will compete directly with new fiber optic networks being set up around the country."

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