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Comment Re: pilots once they start flying their unmanned.. (Score 1) 192

Right now, personal drones are getting to a point where people ARE getting in the way of real aircraft, registration would make it easier for law enforcement to track a drone to it's owner instead of having to create some elaborate investigation into who owns the device.

Not even counting how drones are starting to be used a little more prolifically for businesses.

All this talk about "gub'mint confiscation" seems like runoff from gun nut types.

Comment Re:Two Wolves: A Cherokee Legend (Score 1) 321

There isn't massive gun violence in the US (it is merely a moderately higher rate than other countries). As for "solving" it, I would continue to enforce laws against violence - with or without guns.

So basically you're saying.. "it's not happening and I wouldn't change anything" Again... just because you choose to bury your head in the sand about it doesn't mean that it isn't a real thing. The U.S. has a horrible gun violence rate, unless you're comparing it to 3rd world failed nations.. is that what you're doing?

I would also legalize most recreational drugs and other victimless crimes like gambling and prostitution. And finish with a rational immigration policy that provides a clear, prompt, and rather easy path to permanent residency in the US.

Just a point, prostitution is not a victimless crime, but like anything else it needs tight regulation in order for it to be closer to being a victimless crime.

Comment Re:Two Wolves: A Cherokee Legend (Score 1) 321

Which is a meaningless observation since it doesn't support your arguments at all.

Which is about as meaningless to the argument was what you posted.....

Which simply isn't true. Else we wouldn't have laws against negligent use or storage of firearms, much less laws against assault and murder with firearms.

Your argument is that there is no correlation between gun ownership and violence..... ok, fine... please explain the cause of the massive gun violence rate in America and your solution for solving it...

Comment Re:Two Wolves: A Cherokee Legend (Score 1) 321

So you do admit that there is a lack of connection between gun ownership and violence? Ok."

No, just because you refuse to acknowledge it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist...

Gun ownership has always been about responsible gun ownership as you admit here. That doesn't have a thing to do with violence.

Nope... no it hasn't... it's been about the right to have a gun.. period (regardless of responsibility)... and there is a direct correlation between irresponsible gun ownership and violence.

Comment Re:Two Wolves: A Cherokee Legend (Score 1) 321

(that is subject to SERIOUS debate)...

So? I was just making an observation about the lack of correlation between presence of guns and violence. For example, US society is more violent than Swiss society, but they have similar levels of gun ownership.

Let me add to your information... "The vast majority of men between the ages of 20 and 30 are conscripted into the militia and undergo military training, including weapons training. The personal weapons of the militia are kept at home as part of the military obligations. However, it is generally not permitted to keep army-issued ammunition, but compatible ammunition purchased for privately owned guns is permitted. At the end of military service period the previously used gun can be converted to a privately owned gun after a weapon acquisition permit has been granted (fully automatic weapons will be rebuilt into semi-automatic ones)."

So if you want there here in the U.S. by all means... instead of a gun in every bubble gum machine, there's serious regulation involved with gun ownership in switzerland.. the same thing that would be considered "grabbing guns" here in the U.S.

About what? What wolf are we feeding with responsible gun ownership and fun D&D? I bet it's not the rabid wolf Mr. AC was thinking of.

Oh so you admit it's about RESPONSIBLE gun ownership now... not JUST gun ownership? FYI, we don't have responsible gun ownership in the U.S... we have "gun nuts" and a God/Constitutional right to arm ourselves to the teeth pretty much regardless of training or credentials.... a recipe for .. drum roll... violence!

Comment Re:Two Wolves: A Cherokee Legend (Score 1) 321

"Because he's a moral fraud. And gun control has nothing to do with D&D or violence prevention for that matter."

Seriously?... gun control has nothing to do with violence prevention? (that is subject to SERIOUS debate)... and you claim HIM to be the moral fraud.. from what I'm reading he was 100% correct. especially when Im modded as flame bait simply for agreeing and you calling someone a "moral fraud" is modded as insightful. Clearly no bias there.

Comment Re:Local Group (Score 2) 94

Very true, corporations have their time and place to do things... as does "socialism" where in this case, a local government, even a loosely established collective of people, got together and addressed a problem that they wanted fixed.

In a larger more populated area this kind of solution just wouldn't work, where a corporation would be doing the bureaucratic legwork and infrastructure maintenance required for a large scale operation.

Comment Tsk tsk tsk (Score 1) 150

"The move is likely to draw criticism from law enforcement officials in the U.S. who have argued over the past year that the increasing use of encryption on devices and online communications affects their ability to investigate crimes."

...the move is also more likely to hinder U.S. law enforcement from ABUSING their power... so you'll forgive me if I'm a little salty in saying...

" You kinda brought this on yourselves. "

Comment Games as art. (Score 1) 153

Art can be many things. The term itself is subjective which is why we're actually having a debate as to whether or not a game is art. There are definitely art components to a game, but the end result typically is not. Can a game be art, absolutely. Art is a form of communication with an express purpose to cause a some specific reaction in the viewer to to help us realize something about ourselves or whatever else the artist is trying to convey.

A game can defintely be beautiful, with many "art" components, but I would call it art with a "little a" because the game is commercial and meant to be a product rather than a message. Games come very close to being art at times, but until such time as they are intended from the start to be "Art" where the success of a piece can be determined in accomplishing something beyond what it is as a physical product.

In counterpoint I look at something like a Michelangelo sculpture, what differentiates that from some mass produced statue in a store? To that I would say that the artist was trying to capture his vision and create it in a physical form.. in which case a game could definitely be considered "Art"...

So is a game art.. i guess the only answer can be.. "If it was intended to be" .. at which point one can weight whether or not it was successful art.

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