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Comment: It's not going to SURPRISE us... (Score 1) 550

Right because one day, mr John Q Scientist is gonna walk into lab where some machine is gonna raise a cup of coffee and say:

"Mornin' John... how'd that thing go with the mrs. last night?"

....and he's going to be shocked because he just didn't see it coming or didn't spend decades of his life making mistakes and correcting them in the system.

AI is not going to suddenly happen, it's going to happen gradually and it's going to be a pristine reflection of who we are as a species. If we're warlike then that's how we'll end up molding our spawned "conciousness".. If all we care about is money or porn or whatever, that's the direction we'll take our AI and that's the end to which it will try and perfect itself.

Comment: inflation is not related to economy growth (Score 1) 115

by JcMorin (#47371539) Attached to: Investor Tim Draper Announces He Won Silk Road Bitcoin Auction
Inflation is the increase of the money supply, this lead to price increase. Bitcoin is great because it is a controlled inflation currency. We all know how many bitcoin are created every 10 minutes and that for the next 100 years. You have no clue how may trillions USD will be printed in the next 10 years.

Comment: No exchange at all (Score 3, Insightful) 88

by JcMorin (#47359065) Attached to: Winners of First Seized Silk Road Bitcoin Auction Remain Anonymous
Since it's a big volume, picking one particular exchange would disturb the price of Bitcoin temporarily. That's why they decided to auction them instead. They could have sold it to the market, but to be wise the would should to sell like 10 BTC per hours unless they willing to go into [bigger] Chinese exchanges... The beauty of bitcoin is that you don't need clearing house, exchange or bank. You can trade them directly.

Comment: Canados! (Score 1) 501

If we displace tornadoes from their natural habitat, where will they go? One can only assume that being pinched between the Rockies and the Great Tornado Wall of America, they'll have no choice but to migrate into Canada where they'll be too polite to destroy anything. "Good Morning! eh!... I was wondering if it would be alright if I displaced your mobile home a few feet... no damage or anything, and I'll be gone before you're home from work. P.S. I left a 6 pack for your trouble."

Comment: Re:Why would they accepts fantasy money? (Score 1) 94

by JcMorin (#47135163) Attached to: As Crypto Mining Grows, Data Centers Begin Accepting Bitcoin
Monopoly money can be print a zillion time, making it a bad choice. Bitcoin is limited and controlled... that's why it can be used as a currency. Before saying anything stupid, read how the blockchain, proof or works and distributed decentralized consensus works in Bitcoin and you will understand why it's a great invention.

+ - Abducted Newborn Safe and Sound Thanks to Social Media

Submitted by vawarayer
vawarayer (1035638) writes "An AMBER Alert was quickly triggered when newborn Victoria was abducted from a Canadian hospital yesterday. The alert went viral over Twitter and Facebook and grabbed the attention of four teenagers, who reported were passing time away on their smartphones, when they decided to take matters in their own hands.

They started looking for the vehicle reported, then received a picture of the suspect. One of the teenager recognized the suspect and lead police to her, where baby Victoria was found, safe and sound, three hours after the alert was given.

Police, parents, and the heroes of the day all acknowledge that social media, and the widespread sharing of the news, was a key factor in reuniting the family together."

+ - The Temperature of Dark Matter

Submitted by StartsWithABang
StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "So maybe you've been convinced — from galaxies, clusters, big bang nucleosynthesis, the cosmic microwave background and the large-scale structure of the Universe — that the Universe really does need dark matter. But we always talk about our Universe as being full of cold dark matter. How do you take the temperature of something you can't directly interact with, though? Starts with a bang has the answer."

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