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Comment Re: "other people" (Score -1, Redundant) 508

Can the "other people" just can vaccinated? The same thing could be said about computer virus... Is my grand ma criminal for having her computer infected and possibly infecting other? Everyone should take their own action. As you pointed it out well, the nature will "naturally" eliminate bad behavior and normally improved over time. Start forcing everyone to take a vaccine is a wide open door to forcing everyone to take "X". And some cases "X" could be bad, unproved or not good for everyone.

Comment Re:Bitcoin is already "real for business" (Score 1) 99

  1. 1 - Bitcoin settlement can take hours, Credit card can takes months... you see the notification instantaneously, there is services that can tell you in a few second how safe it is (double spend & fees validation). If you are buying anything
  2. 3 - Just like cash, if you give cash to someone and he run away, it's gone. If you burn it, it's gone. Bitcoin is not created for your Grama, but can work for banks,business and surely international transfer that takes days and cost a lots.
  3. 4 - You talk about secrecy compare to our current financial system when the money supply is decided in private by a handful of people? Bitcoin money supply is know from the start. Some considerable amount of bitcoin from the start are not moving, we don't know maybe they are just locked there forever like many because the owner lost the private key. That's now a problem for me considering the current system we have is build the same way.
  4. Government can destroy a currency by printing like they want, they did it many times, they are still doing it and they will do it again. Can we have an alternative that is different? Leave the experience alone you are not force to trade in Bitcoin.

Comment Re:Bitcoin is already "real for business" (Score 1) 99

Exact, they like it, they agree it's good, but they want their own so they can control it. But only problem: it's great because nobody control it. My guess is a millions will go down the drain before they switch to a 621+ peta hash/sec secure blockchain known as Bitcoin.

Comment Re:has lost 75 percent of its value in the last 22 (Score 2) 71

I guess you were not there when it got way more drastic drop in price. In 2011 we got a 90% drop in price... That said, the experimental currency still worth more than 200 times the USD; itself a pretty string currency compared to the hundreds other currency on the planet.

Comment Re:Also Censorship Proof? (Score 1) 93

You can do it but that would cost you a lot of money as the amount of data stored is limited to 80 bytes per transaction and the transaction fee is proportially of the size of the transaction.
1 gig of data would be 12.5 millions transactions.
If you spend 0.00001 BTC in fee per transaction that would cost you 125 BTC or 28 426$ :)

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